Aug 25, 2013


By Alawiya Abdalla

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“OH HELL NOOOOO I’M NOT DOING THAT!! ARE YOU CRAZY??”, shouts Osman at the suggestion his dad made to him.

Do you wanna know what prompted Osman to say that? Well we need to go back in time for the final time to see the story shaping and unfolding to what it is now.

We go back to London with Mohamed and Khalifa’s mother Aysha. Aysha was going on about with her daily life, doing nothing in her son’s mansion when something unusual happened.

She was told that someone by the name of Fouad was asking to speak to her urgently. She tried to flash through her mind to see if she can remember the name but nothing came back to her. So she decided to see what he wants.

“Asalamu Alykum Ya Ukhti”, he greets her in an Egyptian slang.
“Wa Alykum salam” I reply.
“You are probably wondering who I am and what I want from you right?” He asks me like he’s reading my mind.
“You can say that” I eye him suspiciously.
“ I'm a friend of your husband May Allah rest his soul. Actually friend is not the word, I betrayed your husband’s trust in me”
“How?” I ask him curiously.
 He tells me the story from the beginning.

“Well, your husband and I went into business together years ago. You see in the 90′s the internet had just hit Egypt, in fact it wasn't that widely popular or famous like it is now”
“But I learned it and actually got a degree in Computer science in the USA. So I decided to try and get major companies and banks to use this new technology instead of type writing” He continues as I listen intently.
“So I tried going to these banks and companies to sell them the idea, but they all came back with the same answer which was do you have a company? And my answer used to be no of course as I just came back from USA”
“I almost gave up hope, until I ran into your husband in the coffee place near your old house in Egypt. He told me how bored he is after the civil war in Somalia broke out and the country’s unrest left everyone without a government and that means no job for him at the embassy”
“He also told me that he had saved up quite a lump sum of money, $500.000 to be precise but had no idea on what to do with it. As soon as he told me the sum, I offered him the business plan”
“Your husband hesitated at first as he only JUST met me, but he gave in after a few weeks of persuasion from me”
“As soon as your husband handed me the money, I worked hard on building the business of importing and selling computers in Egypt. Things were slow at first, but it picked up in the end”
“When the money started rolling in, I was supposed to give your husband a sum of one million pounds as an investment from the profits because that’s what we agreed on”
“We agreed that he wouldn't come and ask for his money for the first year of opening the business. What your husband didn't know was that I made TWO million dollars in the first year of business”
“Money was coming thick and fast, every bank wanted one. Every major companies wanted one, even universities and schools. But I failed to give him his investment back, as Shaytan started messing with my head”
“I wanted to keep ALL the money to myself, as I convinced myself that it was ME who was working so hard after all. I never thought for one second about my consequences or the fact that if it wasn't for your husband’s investment, I wouldn't be where I was back then”
“The legal contract between us had so many flaws that if your husband were to take me to court, it would have cost him a lot of money and many years of his life to get what he is owed. And the fact that I knew important people in the government made it impossible for him to fight me in court”
“The last words your husband told me was that I can enjoy all the money in the world, but he will leave me to Allah (SWT) to punish me. And that my money is tainted with the injustice I did to him”

“I never thought much about his words, as I was too arrogant at the time. But Subhanallah, how those words will come back to haunt me I never imagined”
“I got married, had three boys who were the centre of my life and a luxury life I never imagined. I never imagined for a second that punishment was waiting around the corner”
“Ukhti, My kids died one after the other year after year from heart attacks. They NEVER ever suffered from anything, but all of a sudden they would just drop to the floor and die”
“I was distraught and so was my wife. My wife’s heart never recovered from the shock, that she followed them soon after leaving me all alone by myself” He says with tears in his eyes.

“Ukti, I'm here to do what I was supposed to do all those years ago. I'm here to give you your husband’s share in pound not even dollar. I'm sorry I can’t give more than that, because I'm giving the rest away to charity projects”
“So in my hand a check for one million pounds, since your husband died who shall I address the check to? I know he said he had two sons. Shall I address it to one of them?” He asks me.
“No, address it to me” I reply after pausing to digest what is happening.

After the man left, I sat bewildered at just happened now!! I decided to myself that I need to see a lawyer immediately to discuss about putting it in a will, in case something happened to me.

But I just did not want the money to be split into two halves, so it goes to both my kids. I wanted to do something that will FORCE my younger son Khalifa to give his brother his share, as I know what he is capable of. Khalifa always hated his brother, and I am scared that he might take his half one way or another. Allah only knows how much it kills me to see Mohamed living like that, while his brother is enjoying his millions here.

Khalifa does not even offer ANYTHING to his older brother, even though he gave up his place in university for him as we could not afford to send them both to school. I have to set a condition that would make Khalifa have no other option but to do as I say in order to get his half.

I did the will and felt satisfied with it. I only started to realize how it will be unfolding when I was at my deathbed, there was nothing I could do to change it back as I was unable to move or talk. The only thing I'm sure of is that the decision lies with Shaimaa and Osman. I pray to Allah that you will be the breath of clean air that will come and rescue my son and my grand child from the destruction they are leading, Shaimaa.

For the few times that I saw you, I realized that you can almost do what I never managed to achieve with them……………………

*Next time Shaimaa and Osman AKA Ozzy as he likes to be known will make their appearance for the first time inshallaaaahhhh :D*

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assalamu alaikum wrwb .
very nice, double like would prefer it lil longer though :) keep writing such awesome stories in sha Allah

nicely written, ma sha Allah. waiting for the next chapter.

thank u. hope its Ahmed`s story.

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