Aug 17, 2013

POEM: Change

By A. Ali


Our Ummah is weak, though our numbers are strong.
we wallow in mediocrity,
and for too long,
we've persisted in the same wrongs.
We forgot to change ourselves,
before we tried to rescue humanity.
We're making the same mistakes but praying for change.
Isn't that the definition of insanity?

While bombs drop on our heads,
We fight over triflin' nonsense and almost lose it.
The ability to change our condition is in front of us yet we abuse it.
our hearts have been affected,
by all the deeds we have neglected
Our own deen we've disrepected,
From the Quran we've disconnected.

Our reality should be piety,
and morality, not notoriety.
the better influence on society
yet our own mothers have to ask
"are you lying to me?".

We want victory now, but we failed to guard our prayers
The first thing we'll be asked about on that Day!
Yet seemingly, the least of our cares.
Such a small thing to give,
To the One who Gives without measure,
He didn't ask you for your treasure,
Only that You seek His pleasure.

But our iPhones got us busy,
Texting and Facebook got us dizzy.
The deen is at the bottom of our priorities list,
With all the other deeds and prayers that we missed.
so worried about what other people think,
What about Allah Whom we've dissed?

Change isn't easy,
It's a struggle and a test.
But how can be better than the rest
If we don't aim to be the best?
Are we drowning in a sins
And unable to reach the shore?
Are we wasting what we have,
And daring to ask Allah for more?

You can't help the world if you neglect your own soul.
Would you help another team
win and neglect to score your own goals?
Save the deen, save the world,
But save yourself first and to Allah be true.
Allah does not change the condition of a people until they change themselves -
and the first change starts with you...

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