Jul 1, 2013

Productive Browsing of Facebook

By Asrar BenHoucine


Some would say Facebook is haram, or a means of wasting time. In that case one could also say that the Internet is haram. Now this could be very much true if all you do is use it for haram means. People post things on facebook that are not appropriate and those who have access to those pictures or material have to see these things. It is like smoking in a public area; second hand smoke could be just as bad sometimes, or even worse. People react differently; some engage in what they see or hear and others just 'unfriend' the person not knowing that you can easily hide a person's posts from your news feed. This way you are not forced to see or read what is posted.

Productive browsing has benefited me and others I know very much. I have so many pages of interest that are good reminders for me to be a better Muslim and I come across free webinars and events that are taking place nearby. If you have a facebook account that is beneficial, you would not only be benefiting yourself but all of your friends who see your posts. If just one friend benefits from your page, then you would be rewarded for it inshaAllah. So Facebook could turn into a great source of reward depending on how you utilize it!

Facebook is all about sharing. Some may say they hate facebook because they hate to share. As much as I understand their perspective, you do not need to share your information on facebook. Sharing, to me, falls more in the category of things of interest and things that benefit. It does not necessarily have to be about you. Plus, unnecessary sharing can cause problems. There have been times when people share things and others take it the wrong way, and this could stem from misunderstanding through non verbal communication. It happens. So before we share anything, we need to make sure what we are sharing will benefit others and will not offend anyone or represent something we did not mean to represent. Misunderstandings are very common, but we should try to be positive by all means and prevent them.

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