Jun 7, 2013

Prioritizing and Finishing Incomplete Goals

By um-e-Usman


Whether it is the end of the semester and we have to cram completing assignments and study for exams or we are expecting guests and have hundreds of tiny little things to do from heating up the food to getting ready, we are always rushing to complete multiple tasks at hand. Sometimes, in the rush we tend to forget something or are so intimated by that task that in the end, it is left unfulfilled.

Usually we all start with adhering to the list and then in the process we lose focus and end up in a tangled mess of incomplete tasks and are super stressed out about not completing them.

So, when we all find ourselves in a sticky situation where we have to complete a variety of tasks in a short amount of time, adhering to a process definitely helps ease things up.

First of all STOP! By rushing here and there, doing a little bit of this and that haphazardly just wastes time and energy. Take a step back and think again; what is it that I need to accomplish by the deadline?

Let us look at a scenario: A dinner party at your house.

Food needs to be reheated and some food still needs to finish cooking. Kids and the hosts have to be ready to receive the guests. The house is clean but it still needs last minute touches. The table needs to be arranged and it is almost time for the guests to arrive. (Let us say 15 minutes and you still have to finish the biryani!)

Analyse and arrange

Everything has to be done and everything is important. What to do? Here is one way to do it.
  • Stop running everywhere. 
  • Calm down and rethink what is your goal? In this situation, to be ready for the guests. 
  • Get help. Sometimes, delegation can work wonders. In this situation get help from family members to set the table and clean up the house. While you tell them which serving dishes to take out and use, you can concentrate on preparing the food. (tick tock, 10 minutes already gone) 
The table is set; the sitting area is clean. Now you have to get ready. Turn down the heat on the stove to simmer the pot and take five minutes to freshen up yourself and get ready to receive the guests. (15 minutes down)

Now grab an apron, steam the biryani, and voila! You are almost done and your blood pressure is still under control.

Another scenario: The end of the semester is coming near. There are multiple assignments to be handed in and you still need to prepare for exams.

Again, stop panicking. Stop freaking out and just collect your thoughts and arrange a schedule. Think, which assignments are to be handed in first and which exams are tougher?

Concentrate on reviewing your assignments as they also help you to prepare for your exams. If something does not come up to expectations, give it your best shot and then move on. Somebody very wisely said “perfection can sometimes be as paralysing as laziness.” The time and energy used to achieve perfection for one assignment can be used to complete other assignments and prepare for other exams as well. This situation is less than perfect and we have to make the most of it. Hopefully, inshaAllah, you will be ready for your exams and can submit your completed assignments on time.

Whether your next crisis is time critical or not, just remember to S.A.A (stop, analyse and act). Sometimes in the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, we forget to stop and take a breather and remind ourselves why we are putting forth all this effort in the first place? Remind yourself of that important little detail. Keep smiling!

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below! :)


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