Jun 9, 2013

POEM: Plea of A Sinful Heart

By Anum Ali


Ya Rabb! 
The heart is heavy, 
For it has wronged so greatly. 
But the feet grow lighter as they tread, 
Towards Your limitless Mercy. 

They have heard of Your Greatness, 
Your Ways of Blessing souls. 
Hope's ablaze in a sinner's heart, 
While darkness unfolds. 

In purity, it was forged, ya Rabb, 
Your Touch Divine, in Heavens high. 
The Devil’s promise overtook, 
It’s sanctity, its will to why. 

It did not question when it wronged, 
Did not recall Your Wrath. 
Turned a blind eye, a deaf ear, 
Meandered to a tainted path. 

The heart has wronged so greatly, 
It had forgotten who it was. 
Steadfast it walks towards You, 
Repentance; its healing cause.

It is hurt, O, Allah! 
Hurt beyond all measures. 
You know the reasons, You know so well, 
Yours are all great treasures. 

From those treasures, O, Allah! 
Bless the sinful heart of mine. 
Grant me Your utmost Mercy, 
Excel me in my purpose, divine. 

I have wronged so greatly, 
But my hope, from You, is strong. 
Astaghfirulllaha wa atoobu ilayk 
Goes on my heart's song.

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