Apr 22, 2013

Youth under the Shade Part 2 (Hadith): 3 Golden Lessons

By Amina Edota


Golden Lessons

1. Youth = Opportunities

One’s youth is a period of great opportunities and should hence be used wisely. The best investment for the future is in worshipping Allah with correct knowledge and sincerity. Time must be used wisely for seeking knowledge and associating with the pious and knowledgeable.

The great scholar, Ayyub as-Sakhtiyani said, ‘From the success of a youth is that Allah guides him to a scholar of the Sunnah.’ [Hasan] - Reported in Sharh Usulis-Sunnah of al-Lalika’i (no.30).

Tomorrow may never come and a lifetime of golden opportunities could be lost forever. One should therefore heed the prophetic advice and take benefit of youth before old age and life before death. And to all those who heed the advice, success will surely be theirs in this life and the next. Make the intention right now and start investing or have you any guarantee of reaching old age?

2. Breaking free

The bonds that bind us to family, friends and society can be fulfilling but limiting. It is very easy to feel loyal towards cultural and societal trends over religious obligations. Conformity, rather than being different, naturally comes in the face of the different pressures in the life of a youth. It is important to remember that it is more rewarding to break free from the pressures of society and general deviation that has become the norm.

Your Lord is pleased with that teenager who is free of youthful passion.” (Narrated by Ahmad)

This reference to a special shade for the youth is an encouragement to goodness and to worship Allah correctly and sincerely. Never delay prayers and wear correct Islamic attire; Do not shun fasting, charity and other good deeds. Do not make excuses for what is obligatory and rewarding, because Allah’s Pleasure supersedes that of His Creation by far, whether they are your loved ones or celebrities.

3. Concern for the Youth

The Messenger of Allaah, sal Allahu alayhi wasallam, showed great concern in bringing up the younger generation to attain sound moral conduct; treating them in a gentle way that the young expect as a right. In one narration, he said in encouragement:

“...O youth. Whoever from amongst you has the means, should marry, because it is more effective in safeguarding of the gaze and more chaste for the private parts. If one does not have the ability to do this, then he should fast because it is a shield for him (from sins).” (Narrated by Bukhaaree and Muslim)

The youth must be encouraged to strive for this special shade. All parents, teachers, educators, youth mentors and scholars should also interact with the youth, following the example of our beloved prophet sal Allahu alayhi wasallam, in order to help them attain this lofty goal.

**As the temporary voice of society shouts, ‘Enjoy your youth! Have fun! You are only young once!’ Remember the true promise of a protection like no other on a day like no other. So make your choice!

A stranger today
Superstar tomorrow
Slave to no man
Only Allah, The Most High

Relax in peace
Under the shade
An exalted reward
Reserved for a special few


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