Apr 24, 2013

The Gift of Giving: Best Gift Ideas

By Muaaza Essop


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Ever been in the predicament where you had to buy a gift for a colleague, friend or associate and were unsure where to start? You want to buy a gift so perfect that it would make him or her feel super happy about it and feel its warmth? Well, this might be a ‘must read’ for you. Here are some ideas to inspire, use, revisit, remind, or kick start the creative juices into action.

Natural bath and body products

Besides the stunning and intoxicating aroma of natural oils and interesting textures, these products are good for our skin and environment too - provided they are devoid of harmful chemicals and preservatives. Some products from department stores tend to appear natural by means of packaging, but contain harmful chemicals to the environment and human skin. Try using a reputable certified organic stockist, or ranges containing mostly organic substances. Soap bars textured with herbs, organic shampoos, organic oils, whipped body butter and natural scrubs are but a few of the numerous enticing products gone organic. Try organic makeup, which may be equivalent in price or cheaper than high end makeup collections.


I must confess, I have always had a soft spot for jewelry as most humans of the female gender do.

But of late, my respect for natural stones and silver jewelry, as well as the interesting take on recycled products that one finds now is really testament to the blessing of human creativity, and the wondrousness of God.

Each stone is carefully grown over time, with combinations of minerals and gas deposits created under pressure and built up layer by layer with environmental influences. Natural rutilated quartz, smoky quartz, rose quartz, amethysts, lime green, citrus, deep purples and pink hues. Once formed, these stones are then carefully shaped to be encased by metals, and other substances. (Try antique stores) Utterly Beautiful.

Or what about intricately woven carry bags fashioned from high end glamour outlet plastic carrier bags, woven into sturdy, colorful and creative handbags? Maybe natural woven fibers, made into stunning scarves colorful for this season? Or maybe timeless earth toned colors. Great isn’t it?

When gifting accessories, look for natural stones, natural fibers, and the vast array of reused materials fashioned into highly creative accessories. It is a treat to know that the gift you give comes with a promise that the earth we live upon is incorporated into it and respected.

Paper crafts and stationery

It really is awesome when one has the opportunity to graze through handmade paper journals, natural flecks in crafted pages, and the artistic irregular and intricate embellishments made from hand placing artifacts. It is almost satisfying. Why not give a thought to writing a letter to a friend, or loved one or colleague in hand printed font, relaying why they are important to you or recalling a fun memory shared? Printed words may look neat but the beauty and emotion your own hand written letter contains is priceless. It touches the heart and shows how much heartfelt effort you put in it.

What better gift than the gift of expressing words of endearment. Then allow them the opportunity to use theirs to express how they feel, or to write down thoughts or ideas (or ‘to do’ lists ). Even though the age of technology is really convenient, but let the art of writing live.

Spa treatment

Everyone experiences stress, and what better way to say one deserves relaxation than a pampering massage. Most would say in response “when”? Even better would be to ascertain that the products are natural oils. Try to organize a convenient time for both you and a loved one and enjoy a healing therapy session.


Cook a meal for a friend. Instead of them having to prepare a meal for their family, make one for them. I think most people would appreciate even the smallest of things to shorten their daily routine list in the hectic schedule of life.

Be a trustworthy friend. Listen.

One of the greatest gifts I have received in my life is a trustworthy friend. A friend that I could sit down with over a cup of whatever I fancied, and just be, unedited, respected, and comfortable in the knowledge that my best interests are unchallenged. It is the nicest gift to receive. Whether it’s in silence or in laughter, in sadness or in anger, a true friend is the best gift. It is the most inexpensive but supersedes pricelessness.

May our mothers and ourselves be blessed with this in our lifetime. Try being one. May Allah grant it.

Best of light…

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you mention some great ideas that's hardly practiced. The time of technology may be convenient, Its surely is the age of finger tip information but far from advancement. Just a few years back... a driver sent to get some things done would return at the end of the chore all done. Today the driver would call with a list of negligible problems such as 'somethings flat'. Expecting help to be sent. Just a few years back a man would be sent to the store for a couple of items and would return with the complete package. Today he'd call back at least once if not three times to re-confirm colour, size, etc.

Laziness (for many) is the order of the times in this techhype.

Nevertheless if the suns radiation wave reaches our earth everything will go off, not sure for how long - ALLAH EVER ALL KNOWING KNOWS.
A trust worthy friend is one whom never holds a grudge and 1 in a million. If ever we are blessed to have a "true / real" trust worthy Friend than we should cherish them endlessly.

Forgive them their faults & mistakes.

A wise person recently said

" two things never to be done;

1) involved in interest.

2) hurt / interfere with a Friend of Allah.

Anyway Muaaza

Life can never be perfect. We may try an entire lifetime to achieve goals, heights, etc. If we are favored and do, then still it is short lived.

So my thoughts for the best gift is as you say making someone happy definitely without fake value. Spending quality time, listening, assisting being easy and accommodating. These qualities are found in this extraordinary human who would also possess attitudes of always smiling, being cheerful, happy-go-luck, kind, generous, smart, organised and energized most of the time. Only a person favored with sublime character could be all this.

Imagine a person seems to be listening or is really not a trust worthy friend. That would definitely be like a month old corpse in a lounge.

One of the most important thing is we need to ask ourselves what is valuable to us;

is it (only) ourselves, family, property, wealth, business, job, pals, vehicle, etc, etc, etc.

Then we need to ask what is it that THE MOST COMPASSIONATE WANTS? prepare!

Acknowledge and give full estimate to HIM and HE will bring the world to your feet.

Imagine HE gives to those that are not deserving.

Those that reject HIM, so the worlds assets mean nothing. What Pleases HIM are Good Actions coupled with Good Character Faith in HIM and HIS Selected chosen Messengers.

So I truly feel your thoughts are appalling. Please continue and never stop trying to over come the whisper of the one who runs after whispering in the hearts.

Take care.

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