Apr 17, 2013

Recipe : Korean Bibimbap


By Pervisha Khan


There are certain cuisines in the world which are first feasted with the eyes. Easier to make but a bit hard to dish out. Bibimbap (as we know Koreans pronounce B as P ) is a Korean Signature dish – fit to the description above. It was first mentioned in the Siuijeonseo, an anonymous cookbook from the late 19th century. The author of the cookbook is still unknown but is assumed to be a lady of the yangban - nobility during the Joseon dynasty. So it would not be wrong to say you are having a recipe of the royals. The name it was given in the cookbook is 부븸밥 and is frequently prepared in Korean households even served on many airlines. And today, It was served at my own house in Lahore Pakistan 2011. Many Thanks to the lady of the yangban.

Click here to see for yourself, how much pride the Koreans feel to own this dish and what measures do they take to promote it worldwide.

How to cook?
The word Bibimbap literally means mixed meal. And luckily there are no hard and fast rules for its ingredients except for the boiled white rice. The bowl of rice is then topped with red chilli paste, mixed fried vegetables and meat. An egg is a must in the middle. Most Koreans do not fry it before eating. For them it may be easier to gallop it down but for some Asians including Koreans like us Pakistanis, that is a bit too much in the name of healthy food. It is upto you to place it fried or just use it raw and fresh. Add whatever vegetables you like with sesame oil. Bibimbap is also made of seafood. However – keep one thing in mind. Do not mix different kinds of meat altogether. That is a big no-no for traditional Bibimbap. Only one kind of meat should go in. If you are afraid of lamb, use chicken. Do try it at home. It is one of those dishes where you will spend less time in cooking and double the time on its beautification process. Then it the end – all you just do is stir it up together.
Yes – we are nuts like that.

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JazaakiAllahu khayr for sharing this article :)

I'd like to try making this; Is there a recipe here that I missed, or does "recipe" in the title just refer to the description under "how to cook"? (Also, the youtube link is broken- video removed due to copyright claim). If there is a recipe, please share it :) jazaakiAllahu khayr

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