Apr 1, 2013

WEBINAR: Arrogance - A Sign of a Sick Heart with Omar Suleiman on Thu Apr 4, 7pm EST

Habibi Halaqas presents:

Arrogance: A Sign of a Sick Heart

This webinar will deal with one of the most common diseases of the heart, ARROGANCE. An arrogant heart has no place is Islam. Listen and find out what are the signs & dangers of arrogance and how to get rid of it from our lives. 

WHEN: Thursday, April 4th 2013 in sha allah at 7pm EST

WHERE: Online (Login link will be emailed out to registered attendees)

WHO: Shaykh Omar Suleiman is the kind-hearted, friendly giant from New Orleans, Louisiana. Born and raised in America. His specialties include Tafseer, History, Islamic Finance, Minority Fiqh, Maqasid, and Tazkiyah. He has two Bachelors degrees in Islamic Studies and in accounting, a Masters degree in Islamic Finance, and is currently pursuing a Phd in Islamic History from the Islamic University of Malaysia.He is also a strong advocate of community service, interfaith dialogue, and social justice.

This is a sisters only event
Online webcast with audio and visual presentation
For maximum benefit, try your best to attend this event live.
Toronto Time: 7 pm EST
Chicago Time: 6 pm CST
LA Time: 4 pm PST
Egypt Time: 4 am
London Time: 12 am


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