Mar 10, 2013

Short Story: Where is My Khadija Chapter 7

By Alawiya Abdalla

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Tonight I will be doing something so amazing that I cannot contain myself, which prompted my running and jumping around the house like a fool

Ibrahim and Ahmed are not very understanding! Ahmed is even trying to trip me! AHMED!

However, Asha is running around with me jumping and yelling Woohoo.

Which incidentally makes my mum slightly annoyed.

OK, REALLY annoyed

OK, absolutely mad because we just knocked something off the coffee table, we better RUN

But I cannot help it! I have been asked to help out with a charity event this weekend. It is basically a huge event, as different charities are coming together to help raise money for the victims of the African Draught.

Not only do I get to help out, but I also get to make a speech

You see they need translators to encourage people to donate; we have an Arabic speaking brother, Urdu speaking and then ME

I speak Somali, Chimini and Swahili Alhamdulilah, so they gave me that amazing opportunity. All those times waiting on the streets dressed like a penny have finally paid off Alhamdulilah

I decided to do some charity work because Allah has blessed my family so much Mashallah. I had plenty of times before.

I mean, I help my brother Ahmed on weekends, but my studies finishes early every day so I always have plenty of time on my hands.

I also wanted to help raise money to help children who have lost everything. It is just something so close to my heart.

I know how it feels to have no one but Allah by your side, you just keep thinking to yourself who will extend their generous hands and give my family something.

I had to do something to help those kids

And I could not be happier than this moment, at the Royal Albert Hall backstage mingling with all the artists and presenters all uniting for this amazing good deed

Before I go on stage, I go to check on my brothers who are helping with the tickets.

Ibrahim was not very happy about it, he told me so in a devastated tone

“How am I gonna talk to the ladies standing still? I don’t want to hold up the queue!”

Which prompted Ahmed to reply

“You’re just__I could just__just__I’M COMING TO KEEP AN EYE ON YOU!”

Which incidentally worked fine for the cause

All in all everything looks perfect__

Well apart from Ahmed grabbing Ibrahim from his collar in restraint No, that DOES NOT look good.

Nothing says, we will FORCE YOU to donate your money Mafia style like a tall man grabbing a slightly shorter man!

They just would not guess the truth__how could they know these two Mafia guys are brothers

I am gonna march over to them, and REMIND them that this is not our living room they cannot just be involved in a head lock like they normally do__

OH OH! OH NO! YEP__I am afraid they are gonna be involved in a head lock ANY MINUTE NOW.

“GUYS GUYS, what’s going on here?? I didn’t bring you here to make a show of us! Ahmed let go of Ibrahim NOW,” I order my big brother

“Tell him not to follow that girl,” he says, STILL having Ibrahim’s head in a head lock

“Mffmmphhh Geeeopopp,” mumbles Ibrahim as Ahmed squashes his cheeks with his shoulders

I try to wriggle him out from Ahmed’s strong grasp, but I fail. So I do the one thing I always do when this happens__

I jump on Ahmed’s back holding on to his neck! That is THE ONLY WAY__

The guy is really tall This REALLY looks like a BAADDD Mafia movie!

As all involved in the traditional “Abdalla Brothers” brawl, I spot Dada Fawziyah walking our way.

I also spot a girl walking alongside her__

We all stop__Ahmed releases Ibrahim from his grasp__I drop to the floor, losing my balance slightly as I release my hands from Ahmed’s neck__


“Boys boys! Behave yourselves, you’re supposed to be helping in a good cause,” Dada tells us off for our not so grown up scuffle

“YEAH YOU BIG TREE! Stay out of my way man,” says Ibrahim, while fixing his collar looking like a total victim.

“You behave yourself and I’ll gladly stay out of your way midget,” Ahmed retorts back.

I hear a person’s giggle coming from Dada Fawziyah’s back! I totally forgot she came in with someone.

“Come say salam to the boys Ha__I’m sorry I know I’m not supposed to say your name out loud!” says Dada, rolling her eyes.

“Salamu Alykum,” says Ha (No name) with a voice barely a whisper, STILL not stepping from behind Dada’s back.

“Excuse us boys, she’s a nervous wreck,” says Dada taking the girl by the hand, bringing her forward.

BISMILLAHI TABARAKALLAH!!! This girl is a vision of beauty Mashallah, even though she has part of the scarf to cover her mouth in shyness.

You can still see her cartoon like eyes, and the colour of her green Abaya looks like it was fashioned just for her!

Mashallah such a beautiful Abaya, not clingy to the body like it should be

But most of all__

Breathtakingly elegent.

I am going to lower my gaze right this minute, because I was staring there for a good few seconds

And that is not good! Ahmed was already looking at the floor.

Ibrahim is shamelessly staring Really, a beauty like that should not be walking around on the streets of London_

It blinds the good people of London

It really does


Have I got some updates for youuuu!! First of all I LOOOVE the beautiful Abaya Dada Fawziyah got meeee

It is amazingly soft, very feminine with bell sleeves and small diamantes all over the Abaya.

It is basically GORGEOUS and itis GREEN, my favourite colour in the whole world

I cannot stop saying thank you to this wonderful lady, she is just too kind Mashallah. She says that I remind her of her missing grand daughter, and that she feels like she is talking to her when she is around me.

Poor lady told me her missing grand daughter’s story. I have to say, I was completely heartbroken for her

Imagine losing someone and never have that closure of saying goodbye__

She does not know what her grand daughter’s stepfather is capable of__For all she knows, she could be dead somewhere!!

She just wants that closure maskeen I guess there are really some people who are just pure evil like that.

Dada Fawziyah’s Khadija is also Mohamed’s missing Khadija! To be honest with you, I was jealous of the poor girl. But after knowing that she has been missing for more than 10 years, I could not help but feel sorry for her.

Fine then she can have Mohamed, they obviously belong together

I will put my feelings aside from now on Inshallah__

I told Zahra the secret_I told her that I will be going to the charity concert tonight! I had to__

I need some help with getting ready and stuff you see, I do not know how to apply make up on myself! I asked her to apply a natural look on me.

Looking at the mirror now, THERE’S NOTHING NATURAL ABOUT IT

Zahra applied FULL make up on me, and I am not comfortable with it But I have no time to change as I have to leave quickly so we can get there for the beginning of the event.

I just wanna have every moment of this evening in memory__

This is the first time that I am actually feeling like a human being, I am tearing up just looking at myself.

Yes I do not feel comfortable with this heavy make up, but I have this amazing Abaya that is MINE. Do not get me wrong, I am so grateful that Asha lends me her Abayas, but this one feels different__

This Abaya was bought especially for me only and for a girl with nothing, I am grateful to Allah (SWT) for this rare night.

At the Royal Albert Hall

Now that we are here, I feel like I am not so sure

What if Saydi, or his emotionless wife Manafisa spot me? What would happen!! I’m PETRIFIED.

I am so petrified that I asked Dada Fawziyah not to address me by my name, just in case.

We were making our way to the entrance when we were stopped by a lady. She shouted Dada’s name, so we went to say hello.

She does not know me, so I feel safe.

“Salamu Alykum, how nice it is to see you here!” the lady in question greets Dada.

“Iman, Khabari gani (How are you) Long time no see sweety,” replies Dada “This is my neighbour”

I shake her hand, and then I notice two guys standing next to her. She introduces them as her husband Khaled, and her son Ali.

My hands automatically goes to the end of my Hijab to pull it to my face to cover it.

“This is my son Ali, he has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do you know,” she directs the comment to me

Mashallah Ali is nice I have to admit__

OK he is very handsome and he looks like a true champion__actually his dad has the same physical built like him Mashallah__

These two should NOT be allowed on the streets of London__

They are too much Fitna! But I am still not over Mohamed. It is not gonna be fair, as Ali’s mum is obviously interested in me

So we give our salams quickly and go inside. As soon as we go in, we see Mohamed and his brothers in some kind of a fight

They immediately disperse as soon as they spot Dada Fawziyah

I quickly hide behind Dada, because Mohamed obviously knows me and I do not want to risk him saying my name out loud.

I know I am being paranoid, but living in fear most of your life tends to do that to a person

To make matters worse, Ibrahim and Mohamed are staring at me Ahmed quickly looked to the ground as usual.

Mohamed pretended to be checking his shoes after a while, but Ibrahim is still shamelessly staring with a lopsided smile on his face!

Remind me NEVER to put this much make up on my face again__

NEVER! I am so not comfortable to be in THIS much centre of attention

We finally made it to our box, and the event is in full swing. I watch everything in awe, I hear every single speech and Nasheed with all my heart

Subhanallah, I wanna do this every year. Just come in here, maybe with my husband and children__

As a family. It would be magnificent

Halfway through the event

A guy is about to give a speech in Arabic. Oh it’s Ali!! He speaks Arabic??

I may not know the way Arabs speak their Arabic, but I am certain that he is speaking the orginal Arabic. He is speaking like how they write in books and all.

But the poor guy seems to be stumbling on his words, as if he is struggling but that is not the worst part!

He is looking DIRECTLY to my box, which makes everyone else looks my way

Oh no! please do not draw attention to my box_

Nope he is still looking this way!

I have to leave the box__

OK, I will leave for like 10 minutes until he finishes and then come back Inshallah. I stand up and slowly make my way to the box door when the worst happens__

“Sister please wait, I need your Wali’s number,” says Ali through the microphone!!

Before anyone has the chance to look my way__I RUN OUT.

I just pray to Allah that Saydi has not seen me, because EVERYONE looked this wayyyyy

To be continued...INSHALLAH

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salam alaykum. Masha Allah lovely story. Why do we have to wait for every sunday, the wait is tooooooooooo looooooooong.

Wooowwww mashaAllah ..

i know i am reading the story a bit too late! it was lyin in my inbox for wayy bit long..i dint really find the time..and finally i decided to raid my inbox!! ive read the story so far!! and MashaAllah!! its beautiful!! ^_^

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