Mar 20, 2013

Short Story: Newton's Third Law

By Nuski Hazeem


As the sun hid behind the oceans of tall buildings, she draped the curtains and opened the window to let the breeze fill her apartment. She sat before the silver screen flipping the channels.

“Ptts, who is calling now?” she was annoyed, “why don’t they let me watch this movie peacefully!”

“Hello?” she answered the phone that sang a song.

“Nadia- dear, I'm really sorry.” spoke a male voice, “I must have informed you earlier, but it was arranged out of blue. So I have to go.''

“No problem dear, where are you going?” she twitched her lips as she spoke with charming words to her husband who was at the other end.

“To Los Angeles. I'll be home by day after tomorrow, keep safe. Won't you honey?”

“Yeah, I’ll,” the smile in her lips didn't fade, “safe journey!”

Her husband worked for a newspaper, which published almost all those gossips in Hollywood. They got married recently, a love marriage. Nadia was born in Sri Lanka, and was brought up in America by her parents. She was a label Muslim. Neither her parents nor her relatives cared about religious attitudes, for they thought it is the fashion. She always wore tight jeans, and just a shawl to cover her bosom, to let others know, she is a Muslim. They met at the university three years before. Love at first sight. Her parents did not deny that guy, since he was a rich man and had assets enough for two generations. All they - her parents - wanted was luxurious life.

“Gimme five! I told my babe and she didn't suspect me.” Shadir said to his friends at his office with a mock.

“So we're leaving now!” it was John, his friend.

“Tickets ready for Vegas?” Sam asked.

“Will be in an hour” said Shadir.

There were five people in his gang. Shadir, John, Sam, Mike and Sean. Shadir was the only Muslim, but it was a label for him for he was born to Muslim parents. He was not happy in his marriage life. He spent less time with Nadia, gave her silly excuses and hung around with his
staff most of the time, who were girls.

They landed in Las Vegas at 7.00am next morning, and arranged a hotel for their stay till the evening and went to casino early that morning.

‘Ring ring’ Shadir's phone rang. ‘Nadia calling’ the phone displayed, he pressed the silent key, because he told her he was going to Los Angeles, and if he answers her call, she will get his location. After spending 9 hours there, they went to a movie, where the board at the
entrance was labeled, strictly 21+ allowed.

“Dude! I really want someone right now!” Sam told the others that evening at a coffee shop.

“I too mate!” John added.

“Don’t worry guys. I know a person who deals with those girls!” Shadir smiled.

“Whoa! Oh mate! You are really great!” Mike patted on his shoulder.

“I can't wait till tomorrow, make a call man!” Sean urged him.

“Okay, cool buddy. Here we go.” Shadir said ten minutes later after he finished a call, “Tonight, sharp at ten, at Red Chili.”

“Wow! You are a MAN! A real MAN!” Sean appreciated him.

‘Beep’, Shadir flipped his phone to check the message, ‘Honey, my friend called me, she wanted me to go to her birthday party, she lives in Boston. So I've to leave. The keys are with the neighbor. Get them when you are back.’ It was Nadia's message.

“Guys,” said Shadir, “it’s really great you know,” he said, “she is leaving to Boston! My babe!” he laughed louder

“You got them?” John asked the others on their way to Hotel Red Chili.

“I took them before we boarded in the plane!” Sam mocked at his friends checking his pocket.

It was 9.45pm, when the taxi dropped them at the entrance of Red Chili.

“Hey, I forgot, what's the rate?” Mike asked Shadir at the lobby when Sean was engaged.

“Don’t worry, not too much. Just $1500 per half an hour.”

“Dude, you have got to be kidding me! That’s too much man!” John frowned at his friend.

“If you want it to happen faster, you have to pay more.” Shadir replied with a grin.

“She is a young chick!” Sean said with a laughter.

“Okay, now me.” said Shadir with a grin.

“All the best dude. Watch out, you might hurt her.” Mike mocked at him.

He knocked the door, it opened as his knuckles touched it, and it was just slammed. It seemed liked she was waiting for him. He saw a girl sitting on the bed turning her back to the door. Shadir entered and locked the door. The girl turned hearing the 'click' to welcome him.

Suddenly something hit his heart hard. Shadir fell down like a chopped tree fainting on the floor.
She came running to him “OH MY GOD!” she screamed. The other four hurried to the room hearing her scream.

“He must have hurt her” Mike mocked as they entered.

“What you did to him?” Sean asked her, seeing his friend was lying unconscious on the floor. She looked speechless. The tear drops welled her eyes and rolled over her cheeks.

“Hey, wait a minute. I know you.” said John, “are you not his wife, Nadia?”

“Bad women are for bad men and bad men are for bad women.  Good women are for good men and good men are for good women.” - Surah An-Noor (The Light) Chapter 24: verse 26

“The adulterer marries not but an adulteress or Mushrikah, and the adulteress marries not but an adulterer or a Mushrik.” Surah An-Noor
(The Light) Chapter 24: verse 3

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subhanallah! so true

salaam, subahaanallah, this is so sad.

Surely, Allah is well aware of everything. Whether it be hidden under the rocks, Allah will bring it forth in the open. Both of them think they could get away with lies.

Jazakallahukhair everyone for the comments. I didn't know this has been published...

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