Feb 11, 2013

A Letter from Anger

By Nasmira Firdous


This is a letter written by one of man’s strongest emotions called “anger”: an emotion which all of us have suffered from, an emotion with which we have a love-hate relationship. This article intends to throw a light on what “anger” itself might tell you, if it were to speak to your conscience. Read on, insha’Allah.

“I’m here to destroy you, bit by bit.
I’ll play with your thoughts and stir up emotions,
When the time to relive them has long since passed; 
Making you brew like a hot kettle,
Waiting to explode at anyone who comes near you.

I’ll make sure you remember the petty little things,
That would mean pittance in the wide scheme of affairs.
I’ll make you forget all the precious things,
Stuff, which others might hold on to, for eternity, if they could!

I’ll make you lose your happiness,
By blinding you to the things that you cherish.
I’ll make you fall in despair,
Transforming your heart into a raging monster,
Making you perish.

I’ll rob you off your important relationships,
Because, I know far too well,
You are weak when it comes to keeping your emotions in check,
Perhaps mute silence could’ve helped you.

My game, you’ve mastered with amazing precision,
I’ll make sure you make all the wrong moves,
And I’ll make sure you’ll blame everyone else when you lose.

I’ll swallow all your emotions,
And I’ll make you cling on to me, like a parasite,
Or perhaps I shall be the oxygen mask for your ravaging soul?

I’ll destroy you bit by bit.
Because the moment you showed your loyalty to me,
I knew you were an easy bait,
Remorse and self-control: neither you show.

Lo and Behold! I’ve become a part of you.
It doesn’t matter how much you loathe me now.
Snap at whomsoever you wish.
Try bidding me goodbye?
I dare you!

I am, what they call “anger” and
I’m here to rent your soul and mind, 
Willingly or unwillingly.”

My dear sisters, I wanted you to get an idea of what anger really does to us: destroying our relationships with people we love and making us forget happy moments. Instead, anger forces us to dwell into things which have long since passed, benefiting neither our present nor our future. Blaming everyone else when we do something wrong while angry seems easy, but it is nothing but self-destructive.

So, the next time you get angry, I request you to re-read this open letter written by none other than “Anger” itself; and realize the manner in which anger manipulates our weaknesses and annihilates everything we took years to build.

I'd love to hear your views on this topic.  Please post in the comments section below :)


Shukran for this information as I was reading this my anger was disappearing.I be so stressed out at work I think I need to find another job or just work on handling people that are negative because I take so much in and wear everything on my shoulders so I need to work on handling the negativity but thank-you for sharing again.

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