Jan 14, 2013

Year 2012 in Review: Celebrate with us!


assalamalaykum wa rahmatullahi wa barakaatuhu!

I pray this finds you in an increasing state of health and eeman, inshaAllah :)

The end of 1433/2012 - Let us conclude by looking back at what all we accomplished in it. 

2012 was one of the most exciting years for us at Habibi Halaqas. We continued our tradition of growing by leaps and bounds and bringing new resources to our community, alhumdulillahi rabbil alameen! Check out the details below:
  1. Jan 2012 - We organized a major giveaway where we gave out 4 copies of Na'ima Robert's Islamic Fiction books! Congratulations to the winners!
  2. Feb 2012 - We launched our first online and in-print magazine. The first issue was based on Marriage and Relationships. Check it out NOW if you haven't already!
  3. April 2012 - Webinar: A Beautiful YOU - Inside and Out with Sanaa Ahmed. Recording coming out soon inshaAllah!
  4. May 2012 - Webinar: Domestic Violence - A Hidden Evil in Muslim Community with Hena Zuberi and Umm Reem. Recording coming out soon inshaAllah!
  5. July 2012 - Webinar: Unforgettable Ramadan - Obedience, Reflection and Change with Yasmin Mogahed. Catch the recording HERE!
  6. July 2012 - Ramadan Project: Memorize 30 ayahs of Surah Fussilat. Check out the details HERE! Many brothers and sisters committed to memorizing and learning the meaning behind the ayahs of Surah Fussilat with us, alhumdulillah!
  7. Nov 2012 - We continued adding and training new staff to Habibi Halaqas, alhumdulillah! We are now a team of OVER 50 sisters - working with utmost dedication and commitment towards this project. may Allah reward them all, ameen!
  8. Dec 2012 - Webinar: Renew Your Eeman. Revive Your Spirit. Carpe Diem with shaykh Abdul Nasir Jangda. Check out the recording HERE!
  • We were also blessed to be nominated in the Brass Crescent Awards in the Best Group Blog category, alhumdulillah!
  • All year round, our writers kept churning out beneficial content on our website, on many different topics - mashaAllah! Our most popular posts of 2012 can be found HERE!
  • We continued to establish a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter alhumdulillah. Our facebook page is a few fans shy of 20,000 fans, alhumdulillah! 
  • We are also continuing to publish more video content on our youtube channel. Check it out HERE!
We cannot thank you enough for being a part of this blessed journey with us! Jazzak Allah khair for your unconditional support and faith in our work! A big shout out to our team of writers, editors, website managers, graphic and media designers for their hard work. I ask Allah SWT to accept it from all of us and allow these deeds to be heavy on our scale of good deeds on the day of judgment, ameen! 

PS: Please donate to Habibi Halaqas so sisters around the world can continue to benefit from it, in sha Allah. Your donation will help keep Habibi Halaqas running more smoothly and allow us to improve our halaqas and our website even more, in sha Allah. To DONATE OR BECOME A SPONSOR CLICK HERE!


Kanika Aggarwal
CEO & Founder, http://habibihalaqas.org 


MashaAllah, tabarakAllah! This is really great work!! May Allah (swt) make this project of benefit to all of us. And may He (swt) reward everyone working behind the scenes and bringing this site to life. Ameen.

Masha Allah Tabaarakallah!!! May Allah aid this project to even greater heights & May He accept it as an act of Good deed in this world and in the next.Humbled to be part of the HH community. Ya Rabb! Unite us in Jannah as You hàve joined us on HH. Love u all feesabilillah Halaqans!!!

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