Jan 17, 2013

Unity: An Appeal to Humanity

By M


You know, growing up, I always felt this warm glow of happiness that enveloped me like a blanket. A delicately woven tapestry, the thread of which was the finest weave of peace, love, harmony, strength and protection. The design consistent with the collection where good always triumphs.

This fabric was cultivated from hope, dreams, and a firm belief in real truth.

That my people would always stand together, that no matter where trouble brewed against one of us, the entire mass would rise up to calmly quell the noise of turbulence, comfort the pain of the minority, and enforce harmony once again, like pure hearted guards. 

Every child falls asleep in serenity with the belief that the world is a good place, that light always conquers darkness, that good trumps evil. 

But along the dreary path of toil and trouble of growth, bruises cause by jagged rocks indent its travelers, as they move through pinnacles and recesses of strength and emotion. Amidst the goodness one knows to be a reality, the experience of the real existence of hurt, of human limits, of the malicious sweetness of others, and the exploration of ones’ own darkness intertwines, punching real definition into life, enforcing deeper meaning and the need for ideals and truth and goodness.

So the point of this?

It’s really an appeal to our humanity.

To our own selves, to others, to you and me.

Remembering the beautiful lightness of a heart filled with innocent and sincere joy, experiencing the beauty of our families, people and blessings, is it such a farfetched dream to work towards unity? To work towards tolerance and kindness, of compassion, of growth? To keep confidences and to not betray? To stand together and strive for better conduct? To strive to help our fellow loved ones, sisters and brothers and fellow humans become better, with true intent. To cultivate trust. True trust. The one where the confidence of another is safe, even if you might think it not a big deal to tell someone you trust.

To stand with someone who is softer and not so good at fighting their own battles because the trauma of ill-intent of others has temporarily maimed their spirit. To enforce family ties, our own, and those of others.

To take a step back sometimes instead of stepping into the limelight - this constant battle every person from every belief has.

Why not become friends again. Why not hold firmly to each other. Why not judge when it is so easy to do so because of unfair societal stereotypes we may fall victim to?

Why not listen rather than speak louder than the next?

Why not stand in fairness rather than stepping on someone, so common within most corporate cultures.

Why not use our humanity rather than what we are taught by society to hide because of human fallibility of tearing down before someone else has a chance to build on ground we want.

Why not feel the lightness of being, why not find harmony.

Granted, we live in a world of harshness and sanctuary. There are real tangible challenges. Life would not be life without it. And Challenges, no matter how long they continue, are meant to be defeated, defeat that could be made even quicker by walking hand in hand with each other.

Can we establish the new world order of harmony? Can we set the example?

It is an attainable reality. Of course we are human so it would be to strive towards our collective best.

Beginning with our own internal journeys, and developments, and our immediate environments.

Why not continue the legacy of our people?

Why not attempt it with me.

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below! :)


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