Jan 26, 2013


By Mabrouka Al-Tajoury


Wearing hejab for Allah alone – wear it right
And Allah will shower you with soothing light
Wear baggy clothes so guys won't be attracted
To view you for your words and not get distracted
My scarves a crown that I place on with pride
Our beauty is treasure that we should protect and hide
See, my scarves not oppression; it's freedom to light
Islam, my religion, gives women full rights
Us ladies are diamonds that need to be protected
I cover my bode, for my mind I want to be respected
My religion honors her, it fears for her safety
Women are not meant to be viewed as hungry beauty
Beauty fades but minds are ongoing blooming books
So want her for how she thinks & not how she looks

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subhanAllah!!!!Amazing inspiration mashaAllah....JazakAllah khayr katheeran..May Allah guide all of us!!!Barak Allah feeki!

Assalamualakum sis:)

Jaz'zak Allah'hu khayur for taking the time to read and also comment. May kind Allah bless you and aLL mankind ~ Allah huma ameen <3
Have a blessed day and life ~


Masha'Allah Sister. Keep up the great work. May Allah swt inspire you and guide you throughout your life insha'Allah. Barak Allahu feek, I particularly liked: "Beauty fades but minds are ongoing blooming books". Subhaan Allah. May Allah swt make us amongst the modest muslimahs. Ameen.

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