Jan 30, 2013


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Sometimes, when you least expect it, they can come into your life and deepen your love for humanity.

It is a surprising thing the way fate maneuvers the most unexpected of circumstances and those from different backgrounds, forcing interaction between each other out of necessity; unbeknownst to the participants of the intertwining destiny that awaits them.

What does race really matter but to add spice of life, the appeal of existence, the huge diversity to personal experience. Differences in culture too, makes for fascinating encounters, widens learning and exposure to the intricacies of life.

On a recent course that was compulsory, I found myself in a new town, relatively far enough from home to consider it a challenge. So did every other person travelling from different parts of the country. And the most fascinating thing was the huge range of economic backgrounds, race, and religion. Yet we all faced the same challenges of being away from family and friends, in new surroundings. This though was a great equalizer. Its amazing what occurs when one is removed from ones daily routine, safety blanket of familiarity and helpful networks of people, to find and forage, plan and work.

It seems to bring together the most unlikely friendships, all united by the humbling experience of fending for oneself. The age range was vast which added an even more interesting dynamic to the situation. That too was a humbling factor- ordinarily life experience and achievements that come with sometime within certain age parameters are irrelevant when removed from the environment in which it is celebrated, and replaced in new unchartered territory.

What really struck me was what materialized after the course was done and every individual moved on their separate ways.

Friendship and deep affection.

Actual. True. Real.

It reminded me of friendships at school. You know, the time when its all about your friends. The connection, the laughs, and most importantly kindness, kind words, encouragement and unity.

The world is so full of competitiveness, resentment, jealousy, and deception. The work place is excellent at generating this, especially when its driven by the motivation of more money and power. Not that there is not good in it. There is. A lot.

But the greedy hunger for status advancement is not bred in situations where people need to work together and help and assist one another. This breeds a feeling that lingers, lingers for a very long time after, that sticks with a person, reminding them of the true human connection that we miss, and overlook so much in the rat race of life.

Heres to friendship. True and enjoyable.

May the Creator bestow it on our parents, our loved ones, our own selves. As a pleasure and a reminder of our human-ness, and one of the true pleasures of life. A human connection

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