Dec 19, 2012

Poem: The Teacher

by Nuski Hazeem


Have you ever watched
The creatures around you
Who taught them-
The miracles they do?

Those buzzing bees
That build beautiful hives
Who taught them
The architecture to build?

Those migrating birds
Flying thousands of miles
Who taught them
Their route to return home?

Those tiny spiders
That weave the webs
Who taught them
The art of weaving it?

Those crawling ants
That save for winter
Who taught them
The predicting talents of seasons?

Those muscular mammals
That hibernate for months
Who taught them
The arrival of spring?

Those nocturnal birds
That feed at night
Who taught them
The path to their prey?

They are just creatures
With only five senses
Respecting their Teacher
For teaching how to live

But He has given us
An extra sense
To analyze between
The right and wrong

He has taught us
The art of living
But we go astray
To please ourselves

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Masha Allah brother Nuski I'm proud to see one of your best pieces posted here.. Wish you all the success in future endeavours...

Jazakallahukhair naana:)

your comments are my energy capsuls.:)

Powerfully thought provoking! I just love it!

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