Nov 12, 2012

Dua Do List Part Part 2 - True Story

By Mabrouka Al-Tajoury



Pray Together, Stay Together

I want to share a true story that had happened to me a couple of years back when doing the Groupy-Dua-Do-List with my sweetest best friend, Asma. And may Allah preserve her and bless every noble friendship, ameen.

She was engaged and living with her family in a rather small apartment which they rented from landowners that were making it nearly impossible for them to live in. And she personally was going through some issues and was literally fed up.

As a best friend you're sometimes limited in reaching out and giving a hand. So we decided to do dua together because we trusted in the Healer and Fixer of everything, merciful Allah. As He is able to do all things.

We prearranged beforehand to wake up during the night both at the same time to perform a volunteer salah of two raka's and give each other a missed call to let the other know that she's going to say ''Allah'hu Akbar'' and pray directly after that missed call. When finished praying, we arranged to sit on the prayer mat and make dua for around ''5 minutes only'' for Allah to grant her a better home for her and her family to live in. We continued doing this for days and days. And alhamdulilah, with thanks to Allah, they eventually did move somewhere better. But wait there's more.

Time past and her wedding was near. She was busy preparing and I was buried in studies and had exams. Due to long distance and many reasons, she had never been to my home before; for this reason, she called me up to take directions, so that she would send me her wedding invitation. I'm not so good in giving directions, but as I was trying to tell her my address she kind of became shocked.

I lived in an apartment and so she asked me what floor; I replied with strangeness, the fourth floor. In astonishment she told me, Mabrouka, I live across the street from you! I was like '' :/ '' I couldn't explain how shocked and speechless I was. I watched in awe from the window as she walked down the street with her sister to me *_*. Seriously, what can I say, just subhan'Allah. But wait there's more.

After mash'Allah she got married, she lived in a mash'Allah beautiful apartment which was not so far from where I live. Like just around five minute drive! Alhamdulilah.

Eternally generous Allah works in beautiful ways. Because of our ''sincere'' unity in reaching out to Him, merciful Allah brought us closer together – LITERALLY:) Praise is to Allah, Lord of the worlds – alhamdulilah.

Moral of the Story:

Dear reader,

I'm not sharing this to brag or be boastful – no. There's a deeper reason why I'm sharing this. The reason why I'm writing this is to show me and you that the best friendship is the one with Allah in it. And that when we or people complain, we don't want to hear another ''It's going to be okay''. We need productive action in telling us what to do; a friend that leads and supports us through Allah in the right direction - the direction that pleases Allah and not people.

I ask you, do you know what the best definition of friends is?
· It is the one who brings you closer to Allah (SWT).

Do you have those types of friends in your life? Wait, more importantly, are you that type of friend? Please, dear Muslimahs, sincerely from the depths of your heart ask yourself: ''Do I bring my friends closer to Allah or further away from merciful Allah?''

Friends are like perfume; 

They rub off on you. 
So surround yourself with people of right 
And you will be Allah's spreading light. 

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below! :)


Assalamualikum sister !!!

i was so pleased 2 read dis article ...Subahannalah ur effort nd dua r so beautifully complimented by de Creator... Masha allah u r a gud frnd nd ur blessed with a gud frnd .. i am 2 happy 2 know dat such beautiful frndship also exits between muslim sisters Alhamdulilah ...May both of ur life b filled with happiness nd joy... May u both please Allah n each other's company n dis world nd in de hereafter Insha allah ..

i ws educated in non islamic schools nd college so i dnt ve gud muslim frnds .. i wish i had frnds who ll take me close 2 Allah..May Allah bless me with a gud frnd soon !!! De Almighty All Wise s listenin 2 evry silent prayer .. Allah s All Powerful All Capable .. so put ur faith firm nd ask 4 anythin nd everythin ... dey ll b answered n de BEST WAY by de Most merciful one ... do remember me in ur dua sister =D

Masha Allah very nice Article ..May Allah reward you in abundance..Ameen

Asssalamou Aleykoum wa rahmatoullah, '
Jazaka'Allahou khayran ya habibti thank you so much for giving us hope and reviving our Trust in Allah. As long as we trust him sincerely He is with us, May Allah give each and everyone of us a friend like you. Ameen.

SubhanAllah very nice ! Dua is so powerful alhamduallah

SubhanAllah very nice ! Dua is so powerful alhamduallah

Masha Allah! What an incredible story. I feel really lonely and depressed and make dua every day for good company. I yearn for good Muslim friends, it is essential. May Allah Subhanawata'allah grant us all a beautiful friendship like yours. Inshallah , Ameen.

Assalamualakum sister Fathima:)

Ameen and insha'Allah much much much BETTER ~ ameen <3

First of all, jaz'zak Allah'hu khayur for taking the time to read and also comment.
Secondly sis, may kind Allah bless you with noble, righteous, pure, faithful, honest, good listening, and supporting friends and may kind Allah every second strengthen your bonds with nour ~ Allah huma ameen sis:)

Assalamualakum Wa Rahmut Allah <3
May kind Allah bless you MORE and MORE ~ ameen. And VERY powerfully said: 'As lon as we trust Allah sincerely, He is with us.' So true.
The more you place your trust in merciful Allah that everything will be okay, the more Allah will BETTER yur situation. From darkness, He softly guides to one to light. Walahe Allah is so kind... alhamduliah.
May kind Allah guide us aLL ..

It is you who is nice, sister. Ameen and may kind Allah reward you with ETERNAL blessings and taqwa ~ ameen:)

Wa alakum wa salam:)

Pure light shines out from your words, masha'Allah. You have a beautiful heart, masha'Allah.

Allah huma ameen and ameen to your genuine dua ~ it means a lot, walahe. I shared my story to HOPEFULLY inspire others that when one places their trust in Allah through 'heart' and 'action', beautiful things happen. Kind Allah is ever merciful.

You'll find plenty of good sisters out there, insha'Allah. Try going to a masjid near you and interact with sisters. You'll find good people in good places.


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