Oct 31, 2012

POEM: Sound Of Freedom

By Amal Milaa Filza

(Image borrowed from http://www.mysistersinislam.com)

Placed in a creation full of sweetness
Yet humanity inflicted it with bitterness
Misled by the society
Impossible to comprehend the truth
Knowledge is buried
Understanding is suppressed
Kindness has been stolen
To a point that hate replaced love
Allahu Akbar

Our dignity remains
When we hear, we obey
Oppressed in your eyes
But free we shall die
You may reveal your secrets
Which leads to your degradation
What you perceive as liberty
Is in fact nothing but a lie in disguise
Allahu Akbar

As silent as a whisper, loud as a scream
Still as the raindrops, not even the walls could it reach
Dripping from the window
Turning into dust
That little bit of hope
Cannot be taken away from us
Allahu Akbar

The end of the storm lies beyond the horizon
Even though the sound of freedom remains far
War is nothing, with Him by our side
We shall not surrender
Because even that distant sound tells us that victory is nearby
Allahu Akbar

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Allawhu Akbar!! MashaAllawh very nice!! The present state is pictured in this poem.. Jajhakallaahu Khairan Sister.

Barak Allahoe fieki! Wa Iyaaki sister, really appreciate your comment! :D


please check out this blog :)


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