Oct 10, 2012

POEM: My Journey

By Amina Wasi


Looking back at life, at a period of pain and strife,
I was immersed in darkness before I found light.

Reminded of the fire where you would eternally burn,
but living in a world of corruption, where were you to turn?

Confused, ashamed of the vile deeds,
grasped tightly to the rosary beads,
Tears of regret flowed every day,
but God forgives all, I heard them say,

If you sincerely repent,
He will be towards you more clement.

And so with hope and mercy from my Lord,
carrying the faith like a sword,
Fighting the temptations though I sometimes did stumble,
reminders allow the slave to become humble.

From the early hours of dawn to when the sunset falls,
turn towards Him, He hears all your calls,

Speak to Him because others cant understand,
He will surely listen when others will just reprimand.

Be kind and gentle but like a mountain, be strong,
Keep God's words close and you can never go wrong.

As time is passing by and our existence will soon end,
Hasten your good deeds and your bad deeds, do amend,

Because death can come to you at any time,
not a second less or a second more – it’s an order from the All High, The Sublime.
Have we lived our lives in a way people will remember?
Or will we be forgotten and our memories faded like flickering embers?

And when we shall descend to the grave, its trials to bear,
We will be asked to answer, no matter how much we rave.
Hoping my grave will be illuminated – a place of bliss,
And not a place of dark abyss.

I only desire to see the face,
Of the man who is an example for the human race.

Just three answers away from the prize,
Only if you lived accordingly, you will be able to rise,

To the ranks of the righteous and it will be proclaimed,
I have granted him (her) paradise and protected him (her) from the flame.

And you will enter it and find it vast,
Unable to contain yourself, you will run towards it fast.

In happiness, you will exclaim, ‘This paradise is mine for eternity’!
For my life, I spent with certainty,

And at that moment, thinking back at that life,
Of pain and strife,

You think, it was indeed only a test and after it all,
'I can finally rest'.
I'd love to hear your views on my poem. Please post in the comments section below! :)


mashaAllah...an Eeman boosting poem.

barakAllah feekum ya habibi:)
Love you for the sake of Allah Subhanhu wa Ta'ala.
JAK, Wassalam.

Beautifully written - Insha'Allah, may we all be blessed with peace in our grave, and the Hereafter - Ameen!

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