Oct 5, 2012

Dua Do List Part 1

By Mabrouka Al-Tajoury


List, what list :/
I'm sure many of you have heard the common phrase 'to-do-list'; however, I want to introduce you to a new reproduction of it called dua-do-list.

Dua-do-list is basically a list of dua's of what the person wants or needs for themselves or even others. It is written down or typed out for one to follow by praying these duas daily or when they can.

Last Ramadan me and my cousin sat down together discussing ways of doing things to increase our iman during Ramadan. She and I talked about what we wanted for example to pass exams, to be more righteous, etc. Therefore, we jotted them down on a piece of paper and our goal was to try to pray them daily after 'every salah'. Afterwards, we would call each other up and ask if we're still committed in the task.

Ask them???
So ladies or gentlemen, you can make it more fun by including more people. When you know a time where you and the people you want to include which might be your friends, best friends, or relatives are not busy, then meet up somewhere maybe after class, at the masjid, or at your home and introduce them to the dua-do-list. This can be great, if you are in a team or work together and want to achieve something together as a team or group by setting down a list of the teams' wishes and wants by asking from Allah for them.

For Example:
It could even be you and just one other person. For instance, people can pray together for what they want after every salah, even after one salah or after adhan.


Together can perform dua by making a list of what they want.
To illustrate:
· Righteous children
· A blessed & faithful home
· Ongoing true love
· Hajj together

Usually in a team there is a common goal to bring members closer in unity. In the Groupy-Dua-Do-List, you can share duas. For example, instead of making a list for yourself alone for instance, to pass an exam, you can pray for the whole group you're in. If one member has an issue like, there are people bullying her/him, then all the members can include that individual in their own list.

An Islamic scholar, said: 'Thoughts are like birds, if you don't write it down, they will fly away.'

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below! :)


A great idea...May Allah bless us with the righteous company. Jazak Allah sister for this great tip :)

Assalamualakum:)) Thanks is to kind Allah. Jaz'zak Allah hu khayur for taking the time to read. May you have a blessed day and life ~ Allah huma ameen.

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