Oct 15, 2012

Story: A Midnight Prayer Chapter 10

By Alawiya Abdalla

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I went back to work the next day, and something snapped inside of me. I am not going to give up easily anymore InshaAllah.
So a couple of guys ogled me? Is that the end of the world?
I actually felt really stupid. Did I run away because of my pride?
My mind keeps going over the fact that I could have faced them if I wanted to, but I didn't.
I was looked after my whole life by my brothers, and that's why I couldn't deal with the first signs of difficulty.

I ran home straightaway, which made me come to a realization that I am probably spoilt!
How dare these people not like me? How dare they do that to me? Don't they know who I am?
I felt like a child not a woman approaching her twenties__Okay mid twenties__FINE thirty!!
Why oh why does it hurt when I remember how old I am? I remember having weekly meetings with Jawahir not long ago, in which we discussed how we didn't care that we were not married yet.
You know, before she betrayed me and married my brother. I am happy for her though, just wanted to emphasis that.

I'm just 10% jealous__Okay 20%__FINE 50% jealous, HAPPY??
Like I said, I am alot stronger now Alhamdulilah. Plus I read a status on the girl who is obsessed with Ahmed wall, and I snapped back into action.
I am not proud that I read her statuses or tune into her page everyday, and if anyone asks I will COMPLETELY deny it but I find her entertaining!!!

The fact that it irks Ahmed is an added bonus. Oh the way he acts when we read a status out loud!
It is hilarious.
Like I said, I am not proud of it.
She shared a beautiful story that touched a nerve with me__Touched my heart and broke it to pieces at the same time.
"It had been a year of sorrow and misfortune for Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). First, his beloved wife Khadija died. She was, from all people, the best supporter he had. Soon afterwards, his uncle Abu Talib died.
As the head of the Prophet’s clan, he was the only person who was able to give him protection from the rest of the tribe of Quraysh. Abu Talib loved his nephew Muhammad intensely.

It pained Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him all the more that his uncle died a disbeliever.
The tribe of Qureysh seized this opportunity to increase their abuses on the Muslims. Abu Lahab succeeded Abu Talib as the leader of the Prophet’s clan Banu Hashim, and he hated the Prophet peace be upon him and Islam with all his heart.
He used to go up to the Prophet (peace be upon him) during the pilgrimage and in the marketplace and throw dirt and stones upon him, calling him a Sabian and a liar and warning people against following him.
Mecca became unbearable. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) had to seek support from outside of Mecca. He first headed for the neighboring town of Ta’if, looking for support and this is what happened.

The people of Ta’'if ordered their children to throw rocks and stones at Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) to drive them out of the city.
The rocks that were thrown at him by the children caused him to bleed, so much that his feet became stuck to his shoes by the drying blood.
When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) was outside the city walls, he almost collapsed. They went a short distance outside of the town and stopped in a vineyard that belonged to two Meccans who were there at the time.
The owners of the vineyard had seen how he had been persecuted in Mecca and on this occasion they felt some sympathy toward their fellow citizen.
They had his wounds dressed, and let him rest and recuperate until he felt strong enough to resume his journey across the rough terrain between Ta’if and Mecca.

It was there that he had the famous encounter with the angel of the mountains.
Aisha May Allah be pleased with her, the wife of the Prophet (peace be upon him), asked him: “Was there ever a day that was worse for you than the Battle of Uhud?”
The Prophet replied:
Your tribe (Qureysh) had troubled me a lot, and the most severe of this trouble was on the day of Aqaba when I presented myself to Ibn Abd Yalayil b. Abd Kulal and he did not respond to my request. So I departed, overwhelmed with sorrow, and proceeded on, without rest until I found myself at Qarn al-Tha alib where I lifted my head towards the sky to see a cloud shading me unexpectedly. I looked up and saw within it Gabriel. He called me saying: “Allah has heard what your people have been saying to you, and how they have disputed you. Allah has sent the Angel of the Mountains to you so that you may order him to do whatever you wish to these people.”
The Angel of the Mountains called and greeted me, and then said: “O Muhammad! Order what you wish. If you like, I will cause the two mountains to fall upon them.”
I said: “No, for I hope that Allah will bring forth from their progeny people who will worship Allah Alone, and none besides Him.” (Sahih Al Bukhari (4/81,8/168) Sahih Muslim (3/1420)

I found myself sobbing. I don't know what came over me all of a sudden, but I was crying my eyes out when I read it.
Our Prophet peace be upon went through ALOT__
He took on severe abuse, and yet he never gave up__
He never lost hope__
My heart swells with pride when I realize that I am a muslim. It is so strange, but before I read this status I loved being a muslim but now___I LIVE to be a muslim
I breathe Islam.
My heart is made for Islam.
I had no idea how one piece of writing can change my whole prospective, but it did.

One thing I've noticed about the girl who talks about my brothers is how confused she is. One minute she is talking about my brothers, and the next minute she posts about thought provoking issues.
I am really confused about her. Who is this girl? Why is she such a conflicted character, that you don't know whether you hate her or like her?
So strange.
Reading that status put my life in order. The Prophet peace be upon him went through a lot for us, and here I am complaining about one thing that happened to me.
I really felt ashamed, so I've decided to change my whole attitude.

From now on, I'll have to deal with my issues first hand. No more diverting it to my family, my friends OR Hamid.
I have to deal with it alone. Not out of stubbornness, and not out of arrogance. I just want to be able to face life's trial and tribulations by myself for a change.
That is exactly what I did for the next couple of months Alhamdulilah.
Every single day presented me with a challenge, and I dealt with it appropriately SubhanaAllah.

I've gotten quite close to Suad as well. MashaAllah, she works really hard to provide for her family. She works mornings, while her husband works night shifts. That explains why he was dozing off that day they visited us!
I chuckle at the memory, and I also remember Ahmed's hostility towards Hamid.
I have to say my opinion and hostility towards Hamid has loosened up a bit. I've come to see him for what he is.

He is very protective and kind MashaAllah.
I know right!!!! I can't believe the words that are coming out of my mouth myself!
He is actually kind to everyone, especially towards the elderly and children.
When a lady asks him a question, he looks everywhere but her face.
He is ACTUALLY a nice guy!

Who would have thought I would change my mind regarding this human being? I certainly didn't expect it.
Suad told me that he is an orphan, and all she got from him is that his parents died recently.
She told me that whenever he talks about his parents, he feels uncomfortable. She says he changes the subject immediately, and she cannot figure him out when it comes to the matter of his parents.
I have spent the last couple of months trying to imagine what he is hiding regarding his parents, and I came up with all sorts of scenarios.

They could be spies.
They could be ex prisoners.
They could have been abusing him.
That final thought made me shudder with fear. Could it be that?
If it is indeed what I have in my mind, then I feel nothing but sympathy towards Hamid.
No wonder he is always on edge, and sometimes intolerable.

Whatever it is he's hiding, I do not care because he is a nice guy with a good heart.
The fact that he has never hit on me has not gone unnoticed by me. He has never made me feel uncomfortable, and whenever we finish our shift he is there waiting at the bus stop even though he is closer to the entrance, which means he CAN get the first bus home.
That's the other thing about him that has changed. He lets me deal with my problems, without interfering straightaway.

Of course there were times when his presence was immediately needed. Like the time when a Muslim police officer indirectly threatened me with imprisonment as a joke, when I didn't agree to go out with him. He said it as a joke, but it made me feel very scared somehow.
What if he is not joking? What then?
I was so scared, and the man was really intimidating and he kept poking his head inside the booth just to show me that he can get to me! I was petrified, and I kept looking out for Hamid to ACTUALLY help me this time.
He was right on cue, and he asked the guy for a quiet chat.

Just like that the situation was dealt with.
He knows when to step in, and when to leave it up to my own judgment.
When Suad hints that we would make such a good match, I don't protest as I used to! Maybe we ARE a good match after all!

Oh no!


Things have been pretty peaceful in the Masjid this last couple of months MashaAllah.
Suad and her husband invite me round their house almost every weekend now, and I do not feel quite so lonely anymore.
Her husband started inviting me round their house after our meeting at Asha's house, and things went from there.
At first I felt kind of embarrassed to accept their invitation, but as time went by I felt at ease around them.

They have two children. A boy and and a girl, aged 16 and 12.
They have been nothing but nice towards me Alhamdulilah. Suad keeps hinting at how Asha is very suitable for me, and at first I dismissed the whole idea but now I'm starting to warm to it.
However, meeting Asha's family and seeing how respected they are halts that thought straightaway. There is no way her family would accept me if they knew my secret.

I wouldn't blame them either, because Asha's family are well respected in their community.
A far cry from how my family are viewed.
I have to say Asha had adjusted well after what happened to her on our first day of work. She knows how to handle those type of men now. She shows them no fear or any kind of emotion.
She has the required hard face/ emotionless expression. She doesn't smile at everyone now. She learned that a simple act like smiling can be misinterpreted in the wrong way.
I don't even have to leave my booth nowadays!

Only a handful of times I had to intervene, but she handles herself really well otherwise.
I look at my watch, and I will the time to go faster so I can go to the Regents' park for a walk.
The weather is so perfect for a brisk walk around the park, and I've just discovered a new serenity with feeding the ducks!
I cannot describe it, but I feel so good when I see the duck eat my pieces of bread.
I check my time, and finally that time comes.

It is time to feed the ducks folks.
It is time.


Instead of my usual going home routine, I decide to head to the park right next to the Masjid today.
I have never been to this park before. I have been to Hyde park, but never Regents' park.
So I've decided that today is the day I will finally get to see it InshaAllah.
I normally spot Hamid at the bus stop opposite the Masjid, but today he isn't there!
How strange!
Anyway, I have bread slices just in case I spot any ducks.

I really like feeding the ducks.
I walk towards the park, and as soon as I see it I fall in love with it.
So beautiful MashaAllah. It is quite big and vast, and there are kids running everywhere.
I spot the ducks with no difficulty at all, they are right there infront of you as you walk in.

I take out a small piece of bread, and I throw it to the ducks. They all gather around that tiny piece straightaway.
"You stole my favorite duck" Comes Hamid's voice as I look to my left.
"Your duck??" I ask surprised that he is here in Regents park too.
"I have a name for each and every single duck on this lake" He explains boyishly.
"Alright? Dare I ask what their names are?" I actually do want to know their names surprisingly.
"It would take all day. All you need to know is that brown and white feathered duck is a bit cheeky, he goes around stealing all the bread from the other ducks" He points to a very sweet looking duck.

"That tiny poor ol' sweet looking duck? No way! I don't believe you!" I say it seriously, poor duck being accused of all sorts.
"Looks are deceiving. I have been trying to train him the art of waiting and sharing" And he throws a small piece of bread and then he shouts "STOP" to the poor duck.
The duck COMPLETELY ignores him, and takes the bread into it's beak in one slick-rolling-my-eyes-at-the-silly-human move.
I cannot help but giggle.

"He is totally showing off" Hamid tries to salvage his duck whisperer reputation, and that makes me laugh even more.
I wipe some tears off my eyes, as Hamid sulks away.
"I THINK I saw the duck roll his eyes at you" I cannot help but dig sneakily.
Hamid doesn't say anything. He looks at the duck once more in an unspoken language, gazing deeply with such concentration you would think he is going to attempt to move the lake with his mind!
He throws another slice of bread in the lake, followed by "STOP"

The duck RUNS towards the bread, and gulps it one go.
Oh, this is too funny!
The tears of laughter just keeps pouring out! I cannot stop them from streaming down my face!!
This time HE joins in.
"That duck is ungrateful! After all that training, and pretending to be listening? I am deeply wounded" He starts to loosen up a bit.

This is not such a bad day after all.
And maybe, just maybe he might just have the courage to ask for my hand in marriage.
There I said it!
Well, I am approaching my thirties and the guy COULD potentially be a duck whisperer you know!
Well, he could!

Meanwhile, not far from where Asha and Hamid were standing.
"Come on Ahmed, just pick one" Halima and Khadija badger Ahmed to choose one of the potential brides they've set him up with.
Ahmed was surprised when a family picnic turned into a match making ambush, set up by his mother, Khadija and Jawahir.
It was supposed to be a family outing in this nice weather, with all the kids playing in the park but this clearly looks like a set up.

Ibrahim and Jawahir, discreetly walked away pretending to be in deep conversation with Ibrahim patting Jawahir's pregnant tummy as if to remind Ahmed that his wife IS pregnant and that she couldn't possibly have contributed to this.
So that leaves his mum and Khadija, and he is not surprised at that at all.
They are forever trying to fix him up with a nice girl.
Ahmed tries to be polite, but he doesn't talk to the girls AT ALL. He is adamant that his little sister should marry first, and then_ONLY then he will allow them to set him up with a nice girl.

"Is that Asha standing next to that guy laughing?" One of the girls point towards someone who resembles Asha.
Ahmed takes a closer look, and his fears come true.
His little sister is at a park with THAT guy.
When one of the girls chuckles, nudging the other girl's elbow Ahmed sees red.
He will completely and utterly wring Hamid's neck__

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