Sep 23, 2012

Story: A Midnight Prayer Chapter 8

By Alawiya Abdalla

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I was physically willing the 113 bus to arrive.
Oh please come oh beautiful bus, you own my heart and soul right now.
I do not know WHY I am serenading the bus, but basically I have lost the last ounce of sanity that I had left.
They were OGLING me!
There I said it.
Okay, that didn't help at all. In fact, it just made their sick image pop up in my head once more.

I can't explain why I'm feeling so used and sick, the last thing I want is sympathy from anyone.
I just want to lock myself in my room, and cry until I am fine.
As Hamid and Suad approach fast, I get on the bus that stopped infront of me, even though I don't know it's number!!
Okay, I'm on it and I don't know where I'm going.

They are going to completely hate me, and think that I am a big snob.

Obviously I am not a snob, I just want some time for my pride to soak up my humiliation.
Exactly the same way a sponge soaks up water__

Sluuuuuurp and finito.

I like to be by myself when something humiliating happens to me, and then I like to cry and then my rational pride and my wounded pride exchange heated words and


Slruuuuuuup and finito. My rational pride soaks up my wounded pride's tears, and job done.
My mum and brothers know this, not that my brothers would ever ask me what is the matter with me.
They are men you see__

Well, of course they are men, what else would they be??
This is WHY I don't like speaking to ANYONE when I'm sad or angry, I blurt really obvious facts of life.
Now I'm on this numberless bus, going to a nameless destination.
Okay, now I'm a little bit worried.

Where am I GOING exactly? I was so busy keeping an eye on Hamid and Suad's pace, I forgot to check the number of this bus.
I persume it is going North_

Or is it technically South__
West, maybe west__
It's GOT to be east__
Basically I cannot tell my Norths, Souths, Wests and Easts as you can probably tell.

Math wasn't my favourite subject you see
Or is it biology? Maybe it's physics? OH I KNOW! CHEMISTRY
That's it. Chemistry wasn't my favourite subject__Oh no wait, what's chemistry got to do with North, South, West or East?

Great, I am confusing my subjects now.
I am hungry, I am feeling vulnerable and I don't know where I'm going.
All in all I say this has been a fetching day MashaAllah.
Well, you have to see the humor in every situation in life right?


That bus is not the 113 bus, where is she going?
What a stubborn woman! Doesn't she realize that by leaving hastily, people will continue to bully and hassle her?
I've dealt with bullying all my life, and I KNOW that you MUST stand up to them otherwise your finished.
Yes it is disgusting what those guys did, but come on it doesn't deserve all of this exaggeration!

"Where is she going now? Did you manage to catch a glimpse of the bus number sister?" I ask Suad, as we stop running.
Yeah that's right, she saw us running and she didn't even stop. How rude!
"She went on the 274 bus going to Camden Town, is that where she lives?" Answers Suad, while she tries to catch her breath.
"No! She lives next door to me in Burnt Oak!" What IS she thinking about going to Camden Town? That's like MILES away from Burnt Oak.
"Oh good, we will pay her a visit after work InshaAllah" Says Suad very simply.

"We? I ain't going anywhere! Certainly not to her house" I fiercely protest. I mean why should I go there InshaAllah?? She is nothing but a colleague!
Is it because you're scared from her tall, rather intimidating brother?
WHAT? WHO SAID THAT?? I ain't scared of no one!
No one.

Seriously, who said that?
If it is the author, then I can assure you that I can handle him___Totally
I just want everyone to know that I didn't gulp, OKAY?

Suddenly the voice of Suad snaps me to attention.
"Helloooo, I was just saying that we will go with my husband. Are you okay? You seemed lost in your thoughts there" She looks at me concerned.
"Oh OK, yeah that's alright" I reply hastily, not knowing what I'm agreeing to as I contemplate the various ways I can get revenge on the author of this story.

"Great, we'll meet you here after work InshaAllah. I live 10 minutes away" Replies Suad cheerfully.
Wait, huh? Oh no__no no no__I'm still not going!
Hold on a sec.



FIIINNEEE, I'll go just to prove to you all that I'm not scared of him!!!


Why did I choose this annoying author to write my story? I'm seriously thinking about defaulting to another REPUTABLE author!



Okay Okay, I smile even though I feel like strangling the author right this minute.
"Seriously are you OK? Now you're smiling!" Asks Suad as she catches me smiling.
"Yeah I'm good Jazakallah sis" I murmur embarrassingly.

Why am I going to her house though? Maybe, I should just go home and let Suad stand here waiting with her husband for a few minutes before she realizes that I've gone home.
Sounds like a great plan to me!
A great plan that I will never FOLLOW THROUGH!!!

I hate being a good guy.
Well, I am a good guy.


After so many bus changes__three in total__I am finally home Alhamdulilah.
It is now 6:30 pm, and that means Ahmed won't be home InshaAllah. The last thing I need is his interrogation.
I open the door slowly, and I don't hear anyone. Not a beeb Alhamdulilah.
I walk towards my room, and that's when I hear them! Yes THEM. Why are those voices familiar?

They are familiar because
My mum, Ahmed, Suad, Hamid and this other man are sitting in the living room.
Suad and my mum are chattering away.

Ahmed is glaring at Hamid so fiercely, he might as well just stand up and hit him.
The other guy is sitting there awkwardly, wishing he was somewhere else.
Oh, why won't they just leave me alone.
If I don't go in, Ahmed's eyes will do some serious damage to Hamid!

Hamid looks like he is not scared of Ahmed, but I know he must be. Who wouldn't!
If I was in a good mood, I would have found this situation quite hilarious BUT I'M NOT IN A GOOD MOOD.
Okay, it is a little funny. Anyone would think my brother Ahmed was raised with the wolves, away from humanity!

Great, just great.

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jazakAllahu Khayran for all the smiles..... :)

I would suggest staying away from referring to the author. It made the story less real but otherwise good job so far. Keep it up!

alwiya what's up with the short chapters i need more hurry up baby girl lol the story is getting interesting mash allah

Noted :D Jazakallah for leaving a comment, really appreciate it

You just ask, and I will deliver InshaAllah :D I will try to make it long next time InshaAllah__Jazakallah sweety <3

Masha Allah great chapter .Cant wait for the next one :-)

Avoid mentioning author

loved it mashallah. awwwwwwww is hamid gonna propose???

hahahah GULP GULP GULP!! made me laugh so hard picturing it!!!

I love HAMID, alawiya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know hun, I'll try to make the next one longer InshaAllah :D
Love you Ashuni <3

Just wanted to emphasis how scary Ahmed really is :S lol

Who knows, is he? loool I doubt it ;)

wheres chapter 9? :(

hey. wheres chapter 9?

What happened to chapter 9? Why isn't it uploaded yet?

Sister, eagerly awaiting chapter 9 ! :)

where is ch. 9????? :(

Sorry sweety, I had some health issues :(

I had some health issues, I am so sorry sweety :(

So sorry to hear about your health issues! I hope that you inshAllah feel better soon ! When should we expect the next chapter by sister? Please do take care of yourself! :)

Oh MashaAllah I never saw this comment! I'm so sorry to have not replied as quick__But the new chapter is today InshaAllah xxx

Today InshaAllah__I'm so sorry for the delay, as I had some health issues x

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