Sep 8, 2012


By Alawiya Abdallah

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I do not know what to wear for my official first day of work!
I went through my wardrobe, and oh dear it looks like I have NOTHING to wear!

Okay, not entirely true but I have nothing SUITABLE to wear.
I look at my clothes and I think "Not it. Not it. Not it. Not it"
Nope, nothing....Oh hang on!

I see a plain Abaya, and my eyes likes what it sees. Alhamdulilah.
Finally something that doesn't scream "Hey, do you think this is such a great idea? You know wearing this next to the men's praying area? Nope. didn't think so either"

This plain Abaya is more than enough Alhamdulilah.
Now, makeup.
To make up or not to make up, that is the question.
I am not going to lie, I put makeup. The make up I apply doesn't make people say "Excuse me there is a face on your makeup"

It is not too overwhelming to the point where my face is lost under a pile of make up, oh no.
Just enough to cover the dark circles under my eyes, WHICH I have no idea HOW they came to be there in the first place.
I DO sleep enough hours Alhamdulilah, so I don't know WHY they are there in the first place.
Anyway, I cover my dark circles and apply a little foundation finished with a touch of mineral powder.
Oh, and I apply a little Kohl.

Let's not forget blusher, every girl uses a blusher to make her look__Well, to make her look__Actually, why do we need to appear blushed at all times??
I mean there are situations in life that doesn't make us blush right?
When I eat, I don't blush__
When I trip Ibrahim, I certainly don't blush__
Why did someone think that we girls need to blush all the time??
Bet you never thought of this before ha girls?

Oh and I forgot about the mascara. You have to apply mascara for the finishing touches you see.
Men have no idea how natural we really are, that is until they marry us.
By then, it is too late. I hold an evil laugh while I decide what to do, because it's funny.
And I would LOVE to see my future husband's face, when he sees my REAL natural look for the first time. It would be funny indeed.

Okay, back to the important issue at hand.
To make up, or not to make up.
NOT TO MAKE UP OF COURSE. I mean, have you seen the way they DON'T lower their gaze?
That is the ONLY logical solution to my situation. I just pray that it works, and no one comes to bother me InshaAllah.

Otherwise a certain someone will completely gloat, and would totally point out that he was right in voicing his concerns.
We wouldn't want THAT to happen now would we?
My tummy is rumbling with hunger, but I feel nauseous at the same time. Sometimes I get a bad case of diarrhea when I start a new job, or if it's the beginning of a new school term.

This is the case right now, and I don't know how I will manage leaving my cubicle to run to toilet without looking unprofessional on my first day of work!!
I decide that the best solution is to avoid breakfast all together. It is for the best of human kind.
I get ready in record time since I don't have to apply any make up.
I feel the urge to look at myself in the mirror one last time, just to check I look alright.
I look.........OH DEAR!!

There is no time to make me look human again, so I zoom out of my room past Ahmed and my mum who are eating delicious pancakes.
The pancakes smell nice.
They look nice too.
The honey looks golden, and it is dripping on it and stuff.

"Asha what happened to your face??" Asks my mum in a worried tone.
"She looks fine Ma" Ahmed looks at me proudly.
"Why thank you Ahmed" I smile at pancake__I mean Ahmed!
I dash out before the sight of pancakes get stuck in my head all day, otherwise everything will resemble pancakes and I will have to at least taste it to make sure it ain't real!

Our door looks pancakey, I could eat that door.
You see what I mean?
I hurry to catch the 113 bus that comes at 7 O'clock, because it is my first day and I want to leave plenty of time for any traffic related situations that might make me late on my first day of work.
MashaAllah, I am such an efficient person. I walk confidently towards the bus stop, and I spot pancake__I mean my neighbour__I mean Hamid (He has a name now you see)

My mood goes from bad to worse in a matter of seconds.
I twist my neck to the far right, and close my eyes arrogantly as I try to walk slowly towards the bus stop. Okay, this is not a good idea.
I cannot see where I'm going, so I'm just going to stop moving and I shall stand here graciously.
There is absolutely no harm whatsoever in taking a look at him from the corner of my eye, just to see what he must be thinking of my oh so arrogant reaction to him being here.

He seems to be contemplating whether I am a normal person or not, I am sure of it.
"Woke up from the wrong side of bed, have we?" He asks sarcastically.
"Meh meh meh, meh meh?" I retort sarcastically too.
"What are you, twelve?" He seems to be holding a choke when he said it. No, not a choke. He sounds like he is holding a laugh.
"Meh meh meh, meh?" What? I haven't eaten anything, I have nothing better to say OKAY.
This bus ride is going to get on nerves big time, I can so tell.
Can't you tell.

The pancake__I mean the bus has arrived Alhamdulilah.
I could eat that bus__
Well, it looks pancakey to me!!
Pancakes are good for you.

If you're having a pancake, why not have a tea to go with it. No, not tea. Coffee. Not any normal coffee, SOMALI coffee will compliment the pancakes nicely.
Somali coffee is made with this specific type of coffee, with the aromatic addition of___
MY BUS!! MY BUS IS LEAVING__I am sorry, but you will just have to get the secret ingredient from someone else right now.
And why is HE punching the bus stop??

No, not pancake__
Hamid you silly!!


Just gotten the 113 bus that comes at 7 O'clock Alhamdulilah. I wanted to give myself plently of time, because the Masjid is in central London.
The morning rush is horrendous already, Allah knows how long will it take to get to central London.
I wasn't expecting to find irritating, little miss sunshine running towards the bus stop at this hour.

I have to say, when I met her yesterday at the induction day, she looked kind of vain.
She was wearing a bright coloured top and a skirt, and her face definitely had make up on it.
She looks alot different today!
I make my way into the bus, and when I look back at her she seems to be lost in a haze of thoughts. She will so miss the bus!! Not that I care or anything.
She looks dressed down today, and actually wearing Abaya with no make up in sight. Okay, why am I talking about make up all of a sudden??
Let me punch the bus to regain some of my manhood that I've lost in the last few seconds of my discussing make up!!

I blame her as usual.
I go to the upper deck of the bus, to avoid little miss sunshine. Don't want to have a foul mood going to work, and she has already managed to make me think about make up. What else is she going to make me think about??

Whether she looks better with or without make up?
She looks better without make up actually__

Let me punch the window to regain some of my sanity. Actually I can't. It is against the law and all that.
I will just enjoy the bus ride, and read my favorite book in the whole world.
Hisnul Muslim (Fortifications of the Muslim)
Yep, I feel so much better already.


We arrive__We?? I arrive at the Masjid after an hour on the bus Alhamdulilah. Me, alone, by myself, I Asha Abdalla arrived at The Regents Park Masjid at 8:00 am.
Not we, I.
I do not know where he's at, nor what he is doing right now.

Actually, he walking infront of me towards his booth.
Well, he is! AND he almost pushed past me to get infront of me just so you all know.
How rude.
I make my way to my booth. Nahla gave each of us a set of keys.

I open it, and I am instantly hit with the smell of dust. I let out a couple of coughs when the dust overwhelms me.
I cover my mouth and nose while I search for a window, only to discover that it has none!
I will leave the door open for a bit to let the dust out.

A couple of minutes passes by as I try to figure out what to do with this situation, when I hear a familiar voice.
"Asha! Asalamu Alykum. How are you doing sweety?" Suad comes over to my booth with a big smile plastered all over her face.
Her smile disappears when she sees the state of my booth.

"Let me help you clear this up InshaAllah" She offers to help me clean up the place. I could so hug her right now.
We finish tidying up the place, and the smell is almost gone Alhamdulilah.
"I never introduced myself properly. I am Suad, and I am from Morocco" She offers me her hand.
I shake her hand, and she clasps both her hands on my one hand. Aw, such a warm welcome MashaAllah.

"I am Asha, and I am from Somalia" I introduce myself to her.
"I am 55 years old" She tells me her age.
"GET OUTTA HERE, SERIOUSLY??" I cannot seem to contain my surprise at her age.
"Yes I am" She replies with a chuckle "How old are you?" She asks me.
"I am 29" I reply confidently.

"Are you married or engaged?" Oh here we go again. Because 29 year olds have to be married or engaged apparently.
Well, according to our customs we should be. It is NOT a crime NOT to be married or engaged though!!
"Nope, I am happily single Alhamdulilah" Okay, I am slightly sad. Not too much though, I am fine REALLY.

Let me smile, so she can stop tilting her head sideways with sympathy.
What?? I am worried about her neck! Neck pain is a killer you know.
"Don't you worry InshaAllah. I will fix you up with a nice gentleman" She offers, and the neck is straight again.

"Actually, why look very far. Our colleague Hamid seems nice yes?" She suggests that hideous idea.
"No way! I shall not and will not and may not and whatever not, marry that human being ever. Even if he was the last man on the face of earth" I have to put an end to this straightaway, before the idea develops in her head or something.
"Why not?" She does that head tilting thing again!!
"Because___Because___You know" I struggle to come up with an answer, as I worry about her neck again!

Think Asha think__
"He is my neighbour, and I don't like him very much. He doesn't like me either. We are a couple of people who don't like each other" I reply, and the head is fixed again.
"Strange! The first thing he did when he arrived was calling me through the intercom, to make sure I am alright and to ask me if I need anything" She tells me this information because??

"Good for him, why do I need to___We have intercom?? Where?" Cooool, we have intercom Y'all.
"Yes, it is right here" She points to the intercom, which is placed on the wall next to the door.
"He also asked me to keep an eye on you. In case you need help" She says.
"I can take care of myself Alhamdulilah" I say it with a hint of frustration, then I decide to change my tone because I want Suad to like me.

"Look, that was very nice of him. But I am a strong girl Alhamdulilah, I can take care of myself" I say it with a smile this time.
"He is nice MashaAllah. Anyhow, if you need me, call me on extension 227. You can call Hamid on 228. I'm going back to the female's entry now, see you at Zuhur prayers InshaAllah okay?" She hugs me and leaves.

Did I make her upset by being so defensive?
Call him if I need help__Paah.
Why look far, look at him she says__Paah.

5 minutes into my job and I'm already being match made!

I am FINE, I will show them how FINE I can be InshaAllah.


It is 1 :30 pm, and everyone finished praying Zuhur. So far the day has gone smoothly Alhamdulilah.
I kept an eye out for miss bossy boots, and no one bothered her so far. I mean, there were a couple of guys hanging by the entrance watching her but nothing happened.

She kept her head down most of the time anyway, and she looked like she was reading a book!
Anyway, everything seems fine so far.

I take one last look at her booth, before I take my position by the Masjid's entrance.
Something doesn't look right.

There are a couple of guys standing infront of her booth, and they are laughing!!!
What are they doing??
And where is she??
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