Sep 3, 2012

10 ways to make life simple and easy again

By Abeer S

Consult any modern health expert and they will blame our hectic lifestyle for much of the ailments we suffer from.

Our hectic, unhealthy lifestyle.

Much research has been done to prove this claim. And this extensive research has also lead to reasons and in turn preventative (and corrective) measures that can reverse the affects of this downward spiral that we call our life.

We know that when our life is in shambles our mental and physical wellbeing is greatly affected, but something that is often overlooked is its consequence on our spiritual wellbeing. And for those who value their deen, this would be their ultimate concern and this would be their ultimate reason to simplify their life, pronto.

Below, I discuss some of the obvious tips that can help you simplify and bring ease to your life.

A little disclaimer, these tips are simple and obvious and because of that people are inclined to not consider these measures. We have developed a tendency to overlook simpler measures in favour of more intricate ones. We’ve convinced ourselves that we are not empowered enough to make a difference and change our own lives, and in doing so we waste away our lives hoping for someone to provide a gargantuan solution that will fix our problems by a simple snapping of fingers. Remember, that our Prophet salAllahu aleyhi wasallam had the simplest life and he had the simplest solution to the problems faced.

1. Guard your salah - It is this salah that differentiates a believer from a non-believer. It is this salah that is the fundamental pillar of this religion. But how does guarding salah bring ease to our lives?

When we pray, we are not simply fulfilling an obligation that is assigned to us but rather we are performing salah because we need Allah’s assistance to ease our affairs. If it were not for this salah, our life would be in shambles. And therein lies the first step to making your life simple and easy again.

Salah brings with it barakah of Allah. We have in our hands technology that can perform tasks in mere hours that in the past would have taken months if not years. Yet instead of ease, we are faced with difficulty and complications, ask yourselves, why? (The lack of barakah, that’s why)

Ever reflected upon the words of the adhan?

Hayya ‘ala al falah – come to success

Salah is always paired with falah, not necessarily because they rhyme perfectly, but because it is only through salah that you can find true success as defined by The Divine, not by us.

And this idea is further emphasised in the beginning verses of Surah Al Muminoon.

2. Follow the Sunnah- As stated above, the easiest and simplest lifestyle was that of our Prophet’s ﷺ.

Our first reason for following the Sunnah of our Prophet ﷺ should be because it is a command of Allah. And ease in our affairs would be a result of this. Thus before considering the advice of so called experts, we must refer to our beloved teacher ﷺ.

3. Schedule, Organise - It saddens me to hear Muslims complain about how they can ‘never get their life organised’, the greatest privilege known to mankind is given to this ummah; we have a natural routine appointed by Allah that organises our life for us without much effort on our part.


Most fall into the habit of trying to fit salah into their busy schedules, as a consequence of this many pray late or out of time. This is the incorrect attitude, we must schedule our lives around salah and in doing so find a level of organisation that those who neglect salah will never ever find.

Furthermore, those who are in the habit of reflecting will notice that the perfectly appointed timings of salah are an indication to how we should deal with our worldly affairs; by organising and scheduling them.

There are very few people I know who can keep and maintain a planner, most start off really well, and then give up after a few days. As with anything, you need determination and consistency. And be realistic: don’t pen in your loo visiting times and hope to stick with it.

But know that this is doable and it is one of the notable factors in simplifying life.

4. Take care of your health - Please.

Listen to your body. After all, it has a right over you.

Are the countless researches done to prove that if you are in bad shape your life would be in bad shape, not enough to convince you that you need to stop occasionally and take care of yourself?

Go to the doctor, do a check up. Review your eating habits. Take some time out to breath. Sleep on time. TURN OFF YOUR ELECTRONICS. I am not asking for anything drastic.

5. Stay away from haram - Just as obeying, Allah brings His sakeena upon us. Disobeying Him removes every shard of peace we know thus leaving us in a distressed, confused and quite honestly a miserable state.

6. Communicate! Get off Facebook and actually talk to real people.

Lack of communication causes misunderstandings that have the power of turning our lives upside down.

If you are facing problems with anyone the only solution to this is to sit down and talk to them, but remember to observe good akhlaq; be kind, gentle and loving. And no it’s not their fault – even if you think it is.

7. Positive thoughts about Allah - Things are much simpler than we perceive them to be.

One little rough patch and our world caves in on us. Whatever happened to tawakkul? To positive thoughts in Allah? That He will see us through. That He will not allow bad to happen to us. What if this situation that you see as the end of the world is actually your ticket to Firdouse – with one condition: patience.

Not many people apply this or are aware of it but did you know that positive thoughts about Allah is actually a fundamental part of a Muslim’s creed?

Your Lord is Ever Gracious, Ever Merciful, The Loving, why then do you have pessimistic thoughts about your future? When you truly acknowledge that your life is in His hands then you won’t have much to stress about. He will take care of you and those you love.

8. Money trouble? Ah. The mother of all worries and complications.

Truth be told, it is the attachment to material possessions that create concerns over how much we lack as opposed to gratitude over all that we have. Don’t you agree?

We are born in places where our basic needs (and even our ‘basic’ wants) are met, but we want more and more. 

Allah bestows Rizq upon whom He chooses. And no, because some are rich does not indicate Allah’s love for them. Allah does not honour people by giving them wealth.

Many people see lack of money as a deprivation when in fact it may be a blessing. How many people were misguided because they had the world at their finger tips?

Work hard and work so that He may be pleased with you. Allah has a set provision for every single person in this world, you will get yours, don’t worry.

9. Learn to take advise - Sometimes, most times, we don’t know what is best for us. We’re human, our thoughts get clouded, our judgement strays, and decisions leave us greatly distressed.

Humble yourself and seek advice from those who are righteous. You want advice that is Islamically sound and that pushes you to Allah. I have known so many sisters who took advice from the wrong people, people who wrench them away from the path to Allah.

10. Don’t procrastinate “Procrastination is worse than death; death cuts you off from this world, whereas procrastination cuts you off from Allah.” – Ibn Qayyim.

At the end of the day, yes things are in Allah’s hands, but we must never forget that we have a choice in the matter, we can choose to let go and watch things fall apart or we can choose to work for the better.

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below! :)


It was amazing to read it!

Salam alikum, This couldn't have come at a better time. I'm the only muslim in my family and it was really upsetting to not help them understand; "WHY". I can't explain why or how; I just seem to know that it's "RIGHT". I was at a total loss in my ife. I kept seeking; but to no avail was I finding the Peace and Meaning of my life. Even now it seems so distant. I cry in my prayers and get upset when I'm interrupted. It happens quite often. I will; insha Allah grow stronger in my deen. I have no doubts, just struggles. It would be great if I could reach out to others in the Faith, however they all live so very far way.
I try to go to Jummah at least once a month. I love Islam. I've been searching the the Truth since I was a child. Now I've found Islam. I just seem to be alone where I'm livng. I pray insha Allah that I can get a better connection to talk with others when in need of understanding and persn to person contact do relyon my coputer conncions most of the ime. It's difficult thoug when youcn connect with a answer right away. Again, hank you for this aricle and Habibi Halaqas Asalam alaikum wr wb Sis. F. H. H.

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