Aug 26, 2012


By Alawiya Abdallah

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It can't be him, no way!

Let me squint my eyes so I can see properly.....Yep that's him no doubt!

Maybe if I stand behind Suad, he won't notice me. And if Suad finds my standing behind her weird, maybe I could like give her a shoulder massage or something!

We have been standing here, under the blazing sun for about......I check my watch and.....Yeah, we have been standing here for about 5 minutes and we totally deserve a shoulder massage.

Not that I ever had a shoulder massage in my life, and Suad would probably find it totally inappropriate. You know, since I've just met her and everything.

Add to this the fact that I've never been a fan of massages myself, because let's face it the whole thing is just wrong.

I only give my mum a shoulder massage, because she totally deserves it. She works so hard, and my inability to cook prompts me to give my mum a shoulder massage you see.

My plan is totally in tatters right now.

Him glaring at me isn't helping matters either. I mean come on, I haven't killed anybody here! Plus, I have applied for this job first!!

"Asha and Suad, this is Hamid. Your fellow colleague InshaAllah" Says Nahla, in a chirpy voice.

Oh, so he DOES have a name after all. He is not just "The neighbour who cries"

"He will be guarding the entrance of the Masjid from that booth over there" She points to a booth, situated between the entrance of the Masjid and the directors' building.

I can't help but gloat in my mind

HA HA! He will get to stay in a box all day......all by himself.....Probably glaring at everyone who comes in and out of the Masjid, thus leading to his FIRING.

I don't need to do anything. He will sort this problem out all by himself.

I smile, because this plan is simply brilliant.

"Asha, did you hear me? You look lost in your thoughts" Says Nahla, interrupting my oh so lovely thoughts.

"Oh yes I'm listening" I answer, before glancing at Hamid with a look that says "Someone's gonna get fired, na na na na na"

I can finally relax now....

"And Asha, you will be working in the reception booth" Nahla informs me in a chirpy voice.

MashaAllah, it is indeed marvelous to be working with such a chirpy manager.

I am truly blessed.

Now, where is this marvelous reception booth?


Not THAT booth!!!

That booth is right next to the men's prayer room entrance!! You know, where I did the slide backwards thing because of all the men that were outside!!

All of a sudden, Nahla's chirpy voice sounds like a cheese grater to me......

Yep, my ears hurt.....

Why don't YOU work there and let me take YOUR job!

Just a suggestion really.

"You will love it there InshaAllah" Oh I will, will I?

WILL I?????

Oh great, now I wish I could swap places with Mr. glary.

"Do you think it is a good idea to allow a female to stay in that booth?" Says Mr. Glary__I mean Hamid "The place is right next to the men's entrance" Before he states the obvious.

"And your point is?" Asks Nahla in her chirpy voice.

"Yes, and your point is?" I ask in a not so chirpy voice. Irritated voice to be specific.

"Nothing. Just wanted to point out the difficulty of your task" He seems to be surprised that I'm offended.

"I can handle anything thank you very much" I say it defensively. Wasn't my brain wishing it would swap places with this guy just a minute ago?

I blame my brothers......

They always try to make me feel incompetent, just because I'm a girl.

"Oh Asha can't lift that because she's a girrrl" Ibrahim used to tease me with that phrase all the time, when we were little.

"Maskeen leave her alone, she's a girl" That used to be Mohamed's attempts at reassuring me, but it made me feel even more angry somehow.

Like being a girl is such a big and heavy obstacle.....

I was always left out of games because I'm a "girl" and they were probably right, but the fact that I wasn't given an option made me even more determined to prove to them that I'm not weak.

Ahmed never used to participate in their dangerous-boyish games, because he had the responsibility of raising us from a very young age.

And now with Hamid insinuating that I might not be able to look after myself, all those insecurities about myself came crashing down on me.

Even though he is right.

And I really want to swap places with him.

Right now, I'm about to have a word vomit.....

I can feel it coming....

"I'd LOVE to stay in that booth Nahla" Emphasizing the word love does seem to have agitated the Monsieur.

"How? by SPYING on them?" Na_ah, he didn't just say that!!!!

"Well, I don't know. When one sees a man cry, one does wonder why one is_You know_You know?" Why am I speaking Shakespearean??

That was a LOUSY retort! Oh man, hold on. I must think of an AWESOME comeback.

"Do you two know each other?" Asks Nahla. Must you ask a question right now??

Suad and Nahla look back and forth at us.

"I don't know him!! No way. Who are you? I don't know you. See? I have no clue who this human being is" I answer panicked, fueling their suspicions even more.

"Oh yeah. I have no idea who she is too. I'm sorry, have we met before? Didn't think so either" I'm thinking dude, you leave this to me capish.

"Riiight? Anyway. Whether you know each other or not, I need you ALL to work together" Nahla orders us, looking at me and Hamid in particular.

"Well, I am perfectly civil Alhamdulilah" I reply, looking smugly towards Hamid's direction.

"Me too Alhamdulilah" Replies Hamid confidently.

"Good. Because we have conferences, Imams, Bazaars and major events happening all year round in this Masjid and working together is crucial" Says Nahla, in a serious tone.

We both fall silent as Nahla explains what Suad's duty will be.

Her duty is the best. She will be working and monitoring the women's area.

The question is threatening to burst out of my lips.....


Just threatening....


"Why do I have to stay in the booth next to the men's praying area?"

"Because you are attractive Asha MashaAllah. Sometimes we have non muslims coming, and Asha looks like a person who can represent this Masjid properly. That's what me and the director decided" Nahla informs me that the only reason they accepted me was my "looks" apparently.

I don't know how I feel about this.

Actually I do know. I feel quite angry all of a sudden.

But I am not going to dwell on it. I am going to prove to everyone that I am not

a) Weak

b) Just a face

c) Read answer a and b because I ran out of words to be perfectly honest with you.

I will show them what I'm made of InshaAllah.

When I first spotted my nosey next door neighbour standing with Nahla, I felt enraged.

What is she doing here? And why is she standing with Nahla who conducted the interview with Burhan?

I couldn't even hide my anger when she spotted me.

I do not want her here, ruining my peace and harmony.

This job was supposed to be "stress free" but it doesn't look like it's ever going to be stress free.

When I found out that she will be working with me, I wanted to quit there and then.

Then I remembered my bills and rent, and decided to put up with this unbearable situation.

I was really mad at her, and wanted to make her life a living nightmare until she quit. I do not know why, but I think the fact that she saw me crying contributed to my anger towards her.

No man likes to be seen crying. That's just a sign of weakness!

However, when Nahla explained that she would be working in the reception booth right next to the men's prayer room I felt appalled.

Why would they put a single girl (I am assuming she's single because of all the spying business) at the center of the Masjid like that?

She will be hassled by unwanted attention all day, and I'll have to intervene.

I was actually beginning to feel sorry her, until she ruined it by acting all macho.

Typical females. Acting like they can take care of themselves in situations where they need a man!

FINE. Let's see how you handle yourself miss tough boots.

I will just sit there looking at you suffer, and I won't even bat an eyelid if you call for help.

I soooo won't.....

Good for you.

ARRRGHHH, we all know that I will intervene because I am not a complete jerk. Only jerks turn a blind eye to a woman in distress.

I am not happy at this moment to be perfectly honest.

Nahla's reply to Asha's question about the reason she is given that position really made me unsettled as well.

It is just not right.

What is that about?

GREAT___Now I have no choice but to keep an eye on her.

I was really excited when Nahla said that I will be working in the outside booth. No one was going to disturb me, and I would not be forced to make small talks with anyone.

It was going to be perfect.

Not anymore.

I glance one evil look towards her, just so she knows that she is ruining my solitude.

I had a chat with Burhan, who informed me about my position before Nahla did.

I was ecstatic and happy that I wasn't going to be disturbed. I will have to find Burhan and murder him!

Not only would I keep an eye on this Asha person, I will also have to keep a look out for Suad.

I know it is not my job, but a muslim brother never walks past when he spots his fellow sisters in distress.


Even if one of the sisters is a complete and utter pain.....

Great.....Just great.

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keep Writing!!! :-)

Alhamdulillah! Welcome back Ukhti! Eid Mubarak! May Allah SWT accept our qiyam and siyam! Amin

"Nahla...Asha & Hamid don't know each other...Really!" :p I just hope Hamid doesn't go berserk & murder Burhan! LOL. Anyways...its Simply Beautiful & Smooth, MashaALLAH. Keep it up sis Alawiya.

"Nahla...Asha & Hamid don't know each other...Really!" :p I just hope Hamid doesn't go berserk & murder Burhan! LOL. Anyways...its Simply Beautiful & Smooth, MashaALLAH. Keep it up sis Alawiya.

Eid Mubarak..
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Yay ! This is great MashaAllah...looking forward to the next chapter..wooo! Hmm now I want a massage nd some.of those characters in mi life ;-) lol

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