Jul 1, 2012

Story: A Midnight Prayer Chapter 2

By Alawiya Abdalla

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I had given my resignation a week ago, and I am already panicked about not finding a job!
I haven't looked for a job PRECISELY, but nonetheless I'm panicked.
Okay I looked for ONE job, but that doesn't count because the lady on the other side of the phone didn't sound too friendly.
I know I shouldn't feel this way, and I technically still have 4 weeks left but I am panicked.
Panic has become my best friend these days.
My friends Jawahir and Khadija are busy with their lives, and I'm not so popular with any of my cousins so panic is my new best friend.
I do not know WHY exactly I'm panicked though.
Is it the fact that my age is approaching 29 or is it because I'm leaving my job.
"REALLY Asha, What is the REAL reason behind your current hideous state?"
"Why are there bags under your eyes, and WHY are you hiding chocolate galaxy under your pillow?" Asks Oprah in my head??
Okay, I really NEED to get it together!

You see Oprah, I have been secure in this job for as long as I remember. Leaving it feels like stepping into a massive hole. As for the chocolate, it is and has been my midnight snack for as long as I remember OKAY.
I wish that I was more like my brother Ahmed, who is always so sure and secure in what he wants in life.
My brother Ahmed is so religious, and seeing him so firm in his beliefs is truly beautiful.
It is not that I am not religious.
I am just not like him.
I haven't reached that level of Iman that he seems to possess.

My father died on his way to the hospital the day I was born, and Ahmed has been filling his role ever since that fateful moment.
As much as I appreciate my brother Ahmed, I still feel an emptiness where my father was supposed to be.
I have a place for everyone in my heart, but my father's place remains empty.
Maybe If I've met him, things would have been easier. I wouldn't DARE mention these feelings to anyone, especially my mother and Ahmed.
You can see pain and heartache by looking into my mum's eyes, even though she is so bubbly and energetic.
And Ahmed is already self conscious about his role as our father figure. Saying that I miss my dad out loud would just kill him.
He is THAT self conscious.

Oh how I would have loved to have met my father! From what I hear about him, he was an incredible man.
Ahmed avoids talking about him, he was only 4 when my dad died.
I guess he is not comfortable discussing his feelings. In fact, He has never been comfortable discussing his feelings with any of us, even with our mum.
I can't imagine how hard it must have been for him, to take care of us from such an early age.
He rarely smiles, because he thinks dads are supposed to be serious all the time!
Oh, he is so funny alright.

Despite his facade, we all know he would give his life for us, and I think Ahmed would make a perfect dad someday InshaAllah.
That is why I have decided that this year, I shall seriously look for a husband.

I must relieve some of his burdens, so he can finally get married and start enjoying HIS life for a change.
It is time that someone else gets the chance to deal with my nonsense.
My brave heart moment, and my conversation with Oprah gets rudely interrupted by one of Khadija's kids.
Two actually. My moment was interrupted by Khadija and Mohamed's twin girls.
My brother Mohamed and Khadija have 4 kids...
Salem, Amira, Halima and Taha. Salem has a calm temperament MashaAllah; he is always polite and has immaculate manners.
AMIRA AND HALIMA ARE NOT CALM. I cannot count how many times I've lost my mobile phones to them!
And now, they are after my Iphone 4S....
I will fight them to the death, and I don't even care if they are totally and utterly charming....
I will avoid their puppy eyed looks, which is always my downfall.

I mean, how can you refuse a child your mobile phone when they do the cute sad face. How can you refuse them when they ask you in a child, broken language....
"Amira and Halima play with phone yes? Amira and Halima no cry?"
How can I resist passing my phone to them! But that moment of utter cuteness gets completely ruined, when they start running around the house with my phone.
They toss the phone to each other, and then the worst.....
They go and open the tap and WASH my phone!!!!!!!
I completely lose track of who is carrying my phone, and Ibrahim trips me sometimes which makes it impossible to rescue my poor phone as I get distracted with getting revenge on him!
By the time I find the little monsters, my poor phone is way gone to a place where phones don't come back.

"AHA! You cannot have my phone today" I grab my mobile like a true ninja, and stick my tongue out at them.
Obviously not one of my proudest moments in life, but I've got to protect my phone this time you see.
"Amira and Halima play with phone yes? Amira and Halima no cry?" Their lips start to form that cute little sad face!
I avert my eyes this time, I am NOT falling for that trap anymore you see.
I avert my eyes towards my window, and then I see him again!
My neighbour writing a letter again!
This time I close the curtain and take a sneak peek. He is doing the same thing as the last time I saw him.
And the time before that.....
And the time before that....
And the time before...
OK, I guess you get the picture.
SubhanAllah, I wonder whose these letters that are never sent belong to?
He hasn't cried the few times I've come across him lately. That time he was sobbing, but the other times were different.

He wasn't all happy and smiley or anything, his emotions were a bit more controlled. But you can still see the sadness in the way he looks at the letter.
What a very strange character!
That's when it hit me! The room is strangely quite!
As I turn around to catch the little monsters, before they take my phone to a place where phones don't come back... I bump into Khadija and Jawahir.
"Sorry your room was open, and WHY are you ogling your neighbour??" Asks Khadija, opening the curtains forcefully.
"Heeeey!" I exclaim at Khadija "Never mind me, what about those little monsters of yours. They would make such amazing mobile phone business owners, just make sure they don't STEAL their products before they have the chance to sell it!" I engulf Khadija in a sisterly hug, have to say it is nice to see Khadija not pregnant this year.
"Oh no! I'm so sorry! I have no idea why they wash mobile phones!! I'm ever so sorry" Apologizes Khadija, as per usual.
"It's alright, I was due to upgrade it anyways" I reply reassuringly "How's things going with Ibrahim?" I ask Jawahir, before taking Jawahir in a rather awkward hug, because of her growing bump MashaAllah.
"Alhamdulilah, things are settling well. I'm so sorry I scared you all like that" Answers an embarrassed Jawahir.

"You're back, that's all that matters sweety" Things like Jawahir missing for a day, tend to erase all kind of jealousy that I may harbor towards my friends' relationship with my brothers.
"So. What's the story with the new neighbour? And Asha, do you watch him everyday? That is haram you know that right?" Jawahir bombards me with endless questions as usual.
"And Allah only knows what Ahmed would do if he found out!" Khadija reminds us how scary my big brother can be.
"Can you mamas chill! I do not stalk the guy! I merely stumble upon him crying from time to time" I explain my situation, which DOES sound like I'm stalking the poor guy not to mention how bad it may look.
"Why does he cry??" Asks an intrigued Jawahir.
"That's the thing. I have no idea! It always happens right after he starts writing this letter" I explain the current situation.
I turn around, and open the curtain slightly to show them what am talking about but he seems to have disappeared!!
"I see no one!" Khadija states the obvious.
"Yeah Asha, there is no one" Jawahir joins in. SubhanAllah don't you just love it when people state the obvious like that.
"He was here a minute ago" I fully open the curtain now, since he is not there and everything.
The next scene is one of those scenes you see in horror movies!
Utter silence followed by.....
"BOOOOOOOO" Our neighbour jumps from under his window, out of nowhere!
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" Jawahir starts screaming.
"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH" Okay that was nobody in particular, but might as well.
Our neighbour starts laughing, and then he stops all of a sudden like a total maniac!

"Close the window, close it! He is crazy! CRAZY!" Jawahir shuts the curtains immediately.
"WHO IS THAT CRAZY MAN??" My mum asks, as she holds her chest from the shock.
"I don't know Ma! We were just standing here talking, and our neighbour started frightening us for no reason whatsoever. Right girls?" I look at them with wide eyes, so they'll get the hint that I don't want them to tell my mum anything.
"Khadija? You are so right about the ceiling in this house, it's just marvelous isn't it?" Yeah good job Jawahir, now mum will DEFINITELY know I'm lying! I just hope Khadija comes up with a better answer.
"Right? I mean the mix of white and beige is just a genius idea!" Yeah that's it, my mum will go and tell Ahmed and he'll take my window off and build a wall instead!
They'll find my dried up body, with my melted chocolate galaxy in my hands and they'll just about make up the expression on my face that says
"It wasn't what you all thought Walahi"
"WHERE YOU FLIRTING WITH THE NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR??" Mum starts taking her slippers off!
You must be kidding me!! I'm 29!! But I run away from her nonetheless.

"It is not what you think Ma!!" I could run way faster than my mum, but I have to pretend that she is actually catching up with me and all that. You know, so her feelings won't get hurt and she won't have to feel old and stuff.
Aw, I love my mum.
"OUCH, THAT'S HURTS" I rub my arm, where my mum got me!
"Tell me the truth, where you flirting with him?" Asks my mum breathlessly.
"She wasn't, Walahi she wasn't" Khadija tries to restrain my mum gently.
"She was just wondering why he cries all the time" Jawahir explains innocently.
"So she wasn't flirting?" My mum relaxes the slipper in her hand.
"NOOO I wasn't Ma" I breathe a sigh of relief "That's what I was trying to tell youuuu"
"Alright then, I'll pretend I believe you. If I ever come across you doing anything shady again, I WILL let Ahmed know!" She warns me sternly.
They all leave the room, with Khadija apologizing about my phone and Jawahir feeling quite apologetic about the ceiling comment.
She doesn't know where that came from!

As soon as they close the door behind them, I collapse on my bed ready to take a nap when my mum says that someone wants to speak to me on the house phone.
"Asalamu Alykum sister Asha, this the Regents Park Masjid. We are offering you a position with us"
I don't say anything for a couple of seconds, and then___
"WA ALYKUM ASALAMM. ARE YOU SERIOUS?" I jolt out of my bed excitedly.
"Yes, when can you start? InshAllah" The lady on the other side of the phone asks nonchalantly.
"Good. I just wanna ask you one question though" She drops her tone all of a sudden, it's not like it was not dropped before but this is like way more low. I have to really press the phone against my ear to make out what she's saying.
"Are you able to deal with public disorderly situations?"
Huh? Why is she asking me that question. And what job does she want me to do?
Okay, maybe working in a Masjid wasn't such a great idea after all!


I've started working as a fund raiser for a charity organisation, when two days into my job I was told that my service is no longer needed due to lack of funds.
I felt quite disappointed to be honest, but working there enabled me to have some important links with useful people.
I came across a guy from Lebanon. His name is Burhan, and he works in the Regents Park Masjid. He didn't specifically tell me what he does, he only told me that if I ever needed a job he'll be more than happy to help me out.
I think I will give him a call InshaAllah, after writing my letter to my mum and dad.
I don't particularly know what I'm going to achieve from these letters, but I always ALWAYS feel the need to tell them about my day.
The worst feeling in the world is loneliness. Being aware that if something happens to you, no one will care or come to your rescue.
However, my thoughts were always ruined by my nosey neighbour!
She thinks she's very good at hiding, but for someone who is spying on another person she sure does move ALOT.... Or in one of the cases, almost falling over through the curtains....to the ground!

I know I should close my window, but it is boiling hot and WHY should I?
SHE'S the nosey one! I have to admit though, that her constant meddling and presence put some kind of relief in my heart.
At least there is someone out there who is interested in my welfare, even if the person in question is an irritating human being.
Sure I live with lodgers, but that's exactly what they are. Lodgers... Strangers who don't care about you, until the end of the month when they want the rent money to give it to Mrs Evans (The owner of this house)
Doesn't she get bored standing there, when I do nothing at all except write a letter?
Sometimes I feel sorry for her, I almost feel like I should get up on my desk and start singing Opera!
Or wear a gangsta hat, and start rapping or something!
I don't know...Anything really!

Of course I'm just messing, but the idea does bring a little chuckle to my lips.
That'll sure scare her, and make her abandon her nosiness. For instance, this moment. She is standing right there, tilting the curtain slightly to see what am doing.
Maybe I should go and fetch a gangsta hat?
But then something happens that makes me very angry at her. I see not one, but two more ladies standing next to her!!
Oh, brought your friends round to have a good old laugh have we?
Oh, I'll give you and your friends something to REALLY laugh about missy. I just need the right timing that's all.
Now they seem to be arguing about something, I'll put my plan in motion.
Evil laugh bursting to come out of my mouth, but have to WAIT for the right moment you see.
I duck down and wait for my moment.
I can't hear them anymore... And yes, they ARE that loud!
Screams filled the air, as all three of them looked obviously startled.
Don't laugh, look scary
Don't laugh, look scary
Don't laugh
Don't laugh
Oh who cares, I laugh anyway.
Well, up until I see her mum coming in the room and SHE starts screaming as well!
OK, now time to go
Time to go
Aaaand SHUT the curtain, and I can relax now.
She will never ever bother me again after that.
Just as I was savoring my victory my mobile phone rings.
"Asalamu Alykum Hamid, this is Burhan speaking. I've just heard that they let you go from your job. And I was wondering if you would like to start working for me"
My tongue ties a million knots as I absorb his words.
Oh yes, I need to actually REPLY to the guy's offer.
"Wa Alykum salaaaam bro. Of course I would love to work with you. JazakaAllah Alf Khair. I actually can't believe what I'm hearing" I honestly can't believe my ears.
"Brilliant. When can you start InshaAllah?" He asks professionally.
"Anytime, Anyday InshaAllah" I reply eagerly.
"That's great. Oh and one more thing" He says "Are you able to deal with public disorderly situations?"

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