Jul 16, 2012

Recollecting Memories of YOUR Best Ramadan

In an effort to get ready for Ramadan, which is less than 1 week away, inshaAllah! We asked all of our directors to recollect memories of their best Ramadan and what was it that made it so special and memorable?

Here are their responses. We hope you benefit from the advice embedded in these answers :)


Rubina Siddiq - Two Ramadans ago, I had an amazing experience of witnessing my 11 year old brother lead tarawih for the first time. I also can never forget the feeling of understanding what was being recited in the prayers, and I will always cherish that because that made a difference in my prayers alhamdulillah. :)

Aasiya Maryam - Ramadan 2011. Even though I am a born Muslim and have always been excited about the arrival of Ramadan since I was kid, but the true happiness and excitement I witnessed last year.. The reason being it was my first Ramadan after I started practising Islam! And having taken a short course of fiqh of Ramadan i wanted to grab every chance of multiplying my good deeds! After having stayed away from the Quran for a long long time, I also started the Quran and finished around 25 paras during it alhumdulillah and was hence able to finish Quran that year because of it! :) It was a wonderful feeling! Not to forget the closeness to Allah swt felt at every moment during the month and knowing that fasting was somethin that is done only for His sake and to make Him happy was a boost to my iman :) Alhumdulillah!

Anees Fatimah - ‎2011 with close friends! We all managed to go for taravi together. It was a blessed feeling just being there and listening to the taravee, understanding its meaning. It was the best of all Ramdans because I had my sisters in Islam literally finding ways to make it possible for each of us ti attend the taravee in some way or the other by removing daily obstacles and hardship and just making it there and stand in the same saff (line). It was truly a blessing. They say your company changes who you are and that is a total fact, for all of us girls that year were purely concerned for each others akirah! Alhumdulilah! May this Ramadan be as blessed as the last one! Ameen.

Farheen Naaz - It was definitely last Ramadan. Reasons?
1. It was truly heart warming to have a Ramadan with friends who are good company!
2. I realized the importance of fasting and realized that all these years I was just fasting for the heck of fasting maybe.
3. Taraweeh with friends was mind blowing! It was like -- you coming? yeah. You coming? NO?! Omg! Why?! Motivating each other to attend was the biggest push for me!
4. Duas got answered :) Alhamdulillah! and realization dawned that whatever Allah does is for our best! even though right at that moment it may seem like the worst thing ever! All you have to do is trust the Almighty! :D

Amatullah Aminah - Ramadan 2007. That was particularly a hard year, I was struggling with a personal issue and could not confine in anyone except Allah-my 'sole solace' as I always put it. That year I didn't miss a single Qiyam al layl and tahajjud had an exceptionally serene impact on me. I accepted my pain humbly, took it as a blessing from then on. After all it was due to the pain that I drew closer to Allah, my dua sessions grew longer and intense, My conversations with Allah swt got honest and heart warmingl!! I truly felt blessed even after everything that was going on in life. And I still feel so ...reading the Quran and getting up for tahajjud takes me in the company of my Lord and then nothing is difficult or hard! life is good :) PS: Allah swt delivered me from my problems, and I very strongly believe that a time of difficulty is indeed a blessing.

Think back to your best Ramadan and what made it so special for you? Share with us! =)


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