Jul 12, 2012

Quick Tips on Getting Ready for Ramadan - What are Yours??

With Ramadan being only a little over a week away, we asked all of our directors about what steps they were taking and if they had any special tips on how to get ready for Ramadan. Here is what they had to say!

UmYahya - I was thinking in order to prepare for Ramadan one would try to prevent spend all our time in the kitchen. So for example food that could be made ahead of time, like sumbusa for example. I make these and put them in the freezer, it is an easy appetizer even for sahur.

Fatima Nafla - Write down your goals for Ramadan and plan a little step for each day. Then stick to it! Don't wait for Ramadan to begin though. Start early so that by the time Ramadan comes you'll have enough motivation and practice to keep it up.

Sabina Giado - Fast a few days in advance to prepare your body. I second the above writing down your goals. I also would like to add that you could make a 'pray-list' - a list of things you would like to make du'a for (increased eemaan, health, a righteous spouse etc). Ramadan is a great time to ask du'a and guidance.

Amatullah Aminah - Those of us who do not recite the Quran daily may be a little out of practice, start reciting from today onwards so that by ramadan we pick up a tempo and can easily finish more that one juz in a day, or one juz depending on your lifestyle and other ramadanic activities.

Aasiya Maryam - Getting into the habit of waking up for suhur. This can be done in small steps. For example, if you wake up for suhur an hour before fajr then starting from week 1 of Shabaan set your alarm 5 minutes earlier than fajr for the first 2 days, 10 minutes earlier for the next 2 and finally 15 minutes earlier for the last 3 days. This again should be applied for week 2 of Shabaan, so you are able to wake up 30 minutes before fajr by end of the week. Continue this way every week and you will get into the habit of getting up an hour before fajr by the time Ramadan begins, inshaAllah! :) This time can be spent on praying tahajud, reading/memorizing quran etc.,

Yasmine Ahmed - Look at what you have regretted in past Ramadans and then work on this.

Samira Brotherson - Make a list of goals, buy Islamic books and eid clothes before ramadhan, prepare kids crafts(cut out shapes, gets paints etc),prepare foods that can be frozen and easily reheated for those mornings where you cut it close,such as sambusa,waffles,yogurt cups,talk with your kids about ramadhan and plan a way to be charitably with the whole family, think over the whole year and if there are unresolved issues make an intention to pray about them, make an extensive dua list,start fasting mon /thurs,take vitamins, eat lighter.

I hope you benefited from these tips. Are there any beneficial tips that you can add below? Please share with us!


Very good tips MashaAllah...Jazakallah for the advice sisters 

Make a goal of finishing reading the the Qur'an atleast once in the holy month of Ramadan. If you are not able to, then start reading it before the beginning of Ramadan so you are able to finish it by the end of the month insha'Allah.

As salaamu alaykum,

Jazakum Allaahu Khairan to the sisters who shared their tips with us.
In addition to our dua list of what we want o acquire or achieve this Ramadhan, we should first remember to thank Allaah for what we have and what we do not have.  Let us show our gratitude first and foremost, and then follow up with our long lists of dua.
Witnessing another year of Ramadhan is the first thing we should acknowledge and be grateful for. And although, it will take place in the ho, humid summer season, at least, majority of us, especially in the West, are able to fast with some sort of peace of mind. This is an opportunity to make dua for all our beloved sisters and brothers in Muslim majority and Muslim minority countries who will be fasting under siege and even, condemned or punished for observing Ramadhan. Just like what happened few years ago to the Muslim minorities in China.

May Allaah give khayr to the ummah, aameen

Walaikum Assalam sis,

Ameen to your dua, and mashaAllah that's a wonderful point you made on showing gratitude to Allah! JazakaAllahu Khair for the reminder! :)

MashaAllah! A big yes to planning ahead and writing goals (making some of them challenging but realistic); For example giving charity daily, Qur'an periods for daily recitation and reflection~~~ Contact family members and friends wishing them Ramadan Mubarak (via emails, sms, phone calls, skype...) ~~~ Get a ramadan 'buddy' to support goals and new habits.

Finally intentions, intentions, intentions ; Remember to renew intention and strive for sincerity, humility and balanced productivity. 

Mashallah great advice Sr. Maryam. Gratitude is so important. 

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