Jul 28, 2012

Our Baskets in Ramadan

By Aziza Khanom


To honour the holy month of Ramaḍān, we try to fast in Sha’bān
Though these fasts are supererogatory, they help strengthen our resolve and our īmān.
To honour the holy month of Ramaḍān, we fast, we recite and we pray;
Recollecting that this is the month when Shaitān is kept at bay,
Remembering that the Qur’ān was revealed on Lailatul Qadr,
And not forgetting that in this blessed month our rewards our multiplied, we must do all we can to get more ajr.

And so, after the waxing crescent moon has been sighted,
When Ramaḍān, the month of blessing comes upon us, and it feels like the ummah is united,
By our hunger and thirst, our perspectives have not been blighted
– To strengthen our īmān and gain the pleasure of Allah, we are prepared.

Buzzing with excitement, a sense of community spirit fills the air,
And instead of grandiosity, fasting helps us to understand
That a great action doesn’t have to be so grand;
And so, to the helpless and destitute, we must always remember to lend a helping hand.

Remember, “Charity extinguishes the sin, just as water extinguishes the fire.”
So paying Zakat al-Fitr is important to those whose circumstances are most dire.
Therefore in ‘Eid everyone can celebrate, even the poor and needy,
So be generous and don’t be greedy!

“Every good deed is an act of charity”.
Whilst fasting we see this with greater clarity.
With our hunger and thirst,
We glimpse at the life of the poor and needy.
This also creates a sense of gratitude and humility,
As well as a state of inner peace and tranquillity.

For a limited number of days every year, we are given a great opportunity
To fill our shopping baskets
Not with food for Sehri and Iftār or clothes for ‘Eid, for this leads to aridity,
But with good deeds that we can take to our caskets;

This dunyā is temporary, it will not last,
And so to prepare for our akhirah, we must fast.
Our lives and possessions are ephemeral
So to draw nearer to Allah and please Him, our profligate ways must remain in the past.

So purify your wealth by paying Zakat al-Mal every year,
And fulfil your duties without fear, for Allah is always here.
With pure and sincere hearts, pray and fast,
And try to establish Sadaqah Jariya so the benefits, to you and others, always last.

To honour the blessed month of Ramaḍān, we fast, we recite and we pray.
As it’s a continuous training to strengthen our īmān, make the most of it, that’s what I say,
For this dunyā is temporary, it will not last;
So in our faith, we must remain steadfast.
Try to always gain more ajr,
And for a good start to the day, wake up for Fajr!


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