Jul 2, 2012

7 Easy Steps For Making Self Ramadan Ready

By Umm Husam


Ramadan is right around the corner. Are you ready for it? There are many things we can do to prepare ourselves for the wonderful month of ramadan. Here are a few things to get you ready.

1. Start fasting. Mondays and Thursdays are great days to fast. It will be a great time to make up any missed fasts. It also is a great practice for your body for the upcoming holy month.

2. Start listening/reading Qu’ran. In order to prepare yourself for finishing the Qu’ran during ramadan consider working on finishing it before. It could be by just focusing on harder/longer surahs or it could just be working on going through the whole thing. Either way you have nothing to lose, and hasanat to gain.

3. Make sure you pray all your prayers on time. Many of us do such an amazing job of keeping up with prayers during ramadan and slowly start to fall back into laziness after ramadan. This could also include going to the masjid for Jummahs and Fajr prayers. Once we have mastered praying all our prayers on time, it will help us on focusing on other aspects of ramadan.

4. Cut out addictions. Not to state the obvious, but we fast from foods, drinks, smoking, etc... If you are addicted to coffee or smoking and you cut it down only during ramadan, it maybe a difficult month for you. Focus on just cutting down, not necessarily cutting out for an easier transition.

5. Prepare meals in advance. A lot of women, myself included get caught up in cooking for our families that we miss out on valuable time. Start preparing a few meals in advance and freezing them to ease ramadan iftars. This could be simply put it together but not cooking it. This way the bulk of your day can be spent doing other things.

6. Talk to children about ramadan. Children need to be prepared mentally about the month just as we do. They should understand the beauty of ramadan and be encouraged to try out praying/fasting/reading Qu’ran. Just because a child is young doesn’t mean he/she doesn’t appreciate the holy month. 

7. Think about Ramadan and fasting. I do believe success is a state of mind. Just sitting down a few minutes a day and thinking about how beautiful fasting is, it will help you succeed.
Inshallah preparing for ramadan will be very easy for you and your family.

I'd love to hear your views on this topic. Please post in the comments section below! :)


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