Jun 29, 2012

Our Picks of "The Best of Habibi Halaqas" Articles


Its been an immensely blessed journey so far for Habibi Halaqas, for which first and foremost we all would like to humbly thank Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala with a sincere alhumdulillah! Since its inception Habibi Halaqas has grown by leaps and bounds because of the unwavering commitment of our authors and editors who have continuously churned out the best of best work, in terms of Islamic writing and blogging.

We wanted to take this oppurtunity to honor our authors, editors and the whole family of Habibi Halaqas by sharing our "Simply The Best" articles. Articles that encompassed the best of everything - articles that are perfect in terms of content, flow, knowledge and inspiration. We pray that you all will benefit immensely from them.

May Allah bless the authors, editors and the entire team of Habibi Halaqas and make their time, efforts and writing a means of reward and expiation of sins for them on the day of Judgment, ameen!


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