May 5, 2012

Homeschooling Tip 6: Got Whiteboards?

By Juli Herman


I love whiteboards. I have one upstairs in my prayer area which is where we do our 5 daily prayers in jama’aah (one of the advantages of homeschooling), and I have one hanging right by the computer desk in my dining/living room. When I was teaching my oldest daughter her Arabic letters, I realized that at 3 years of age, understandably, she had trouble recognizing some letters. I began to utilize the big whiteboard hanging in our living room. I wrote the letter she was having trouble with with a red marker and in a big enough size. Everyday, as we hung out in the living room, I’d show her the letter and reiterate it throughout the day for days, until she got it.

Now, I use the whiteboard in my prayer area for teaching tajweed rules to my three children ages 12, 13, and 15. I would write out the rules in Arabic and English, some examples, all in the form of diagram, and leave it on the whiteboard for days until we move on to a new rule. Suffice it to say, I use it as a teacher in school would use a white or blackboard; to show examples or explain a concept.

Downstairs though, by the computer desk, I utilize the whiteboard as a central organizer. I divided it into sections for each child. Depending on the deadlines, I write the assignments and deadline for each child. They then have the responsibility of putting a check mark on the assignments they have completed. This really takes the burden of remembering each and every, sometimes unique assignments I have given them.

In fact, I am even using the whiteboard to keep track of my youngest son’s medication schedule. As you can see, whiteboards are great for teaching or organizing. Having several hanging in your house, for different purposes, would also be helpful. Your house might look like a classroom or meeting room. Well, after all, you are homeschooling!


Alhumdu Lillah it sounds like my house!

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