Apr 1, 2012

POEM: Soul

My soul,
Hold on,
Be strong,
Not long,
You weren’t made for this world,
Its the next you belong.

Fighting through a worldly maze,
Struggling in this delusional haze,
Attempting to promise you eternal bliss,
Knowing you’re not here to stay.

This world can be deceiving,
Manipulate people into believing,
That there is always time left,
So dreams they delay achieving.

The soul needs reminding,
The world is temporary to abide in,
It needs direction to guidance,
Protection from misguiding.

Our soul, the most valuable possession,
A price cannot be made,
Our daily companion for this dunya we reside in,
Many tests that must be faced. 

Keep it guarded, its a treasure ,
Hold it close its your tool,
The Day of Judgement ever nearer,
Your soul, rejoicing or against you.

Which one will it will it be ?


Subhanallah, what a reminder for us all.

Jazakh'Allah khair :)

Masha'Allah very nice sister!

Jazakh'Allah khair sister :)

Jazakh'Allah khair sis :)

Jazakh'Allah khair sister :)

Jazakh'Allah khair sisters @Amal Milaa Filza & Hafsa Issa-Salwe 

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