Mar 24, 2012

GEMS : 2 Qualities to Enter Paradise

Abd-Allaah ibn ‘Amr (ra) who said: “The Messenger of Allah (saw) said:

There are two qualities, no Muslim man acquires them but he will enter Paradise, and they are simple and easy. He should glorify Allah (say Subhaan Allah) ten times immediately after each prayer, and praise Him (say Al-hamdu Lillaah) ten times and magnify Him (say Allaahu Akbar) ten times.

I saw the Messenger of Allah (saw)) counting this on his fingers. He said: ‘That makes 150 on the tongue and 1500 (hasanaat) in the scales.'

[Translator’s note: each of three phrases repeated ten times makes thirty; multiplied by the number of daily prayers, which is five, makes one hundred and fifty. Each of these good deeds of the tongue will be rewarded with ten hasanaat which will be added to the total of good deeds to be weighed in the balance or scales on the Day of Judgement].

When you go to bed, glorify Allah (say Subhaan Allah) and praise Him (say Al-hamdu Lillaah) and magnify Him (say Allaahu Akbar) one hundred times: that will be 100 on the tongue and 1000 in the scales.

Who among you does 2,500 bad deeds in one day?’ They said: ‘How could we not count?’ He said: ‘The Shaytaan comes to any one of you whilst he is praying and says, remember this, remember that, until he
finishes his prayer and does not do (this dhikr), or he comes to him when he is lying down and makes him sleepy, until he falls asleep (without doing this dhikr).’”

(Mentioned in Sunan al-Tirmidhi, 3332)


Allah is so kind and merciful, how easy is it for us to do dhikr. 

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