Feb 28, 2012

Magazine Launch - Issue 1: A Focus on Islamic Relationships

All of us at Habibi Halaqas are very excited to present to our readers another exciting and God willing, beneficial initiative in the form of this online and in-print magazine.

Habibi Halaqas is now widely popular for providing rich content (especially articles and webinars) on topics from all spheres that touch a Muslim woman's life such as Islam, psychology, parenting, health, grooming, and more!

This magazine touches upon these same themes and topics and provides a compilation of articles, book reviews, stories, practical ideas, readers' opinions and more, all revolving around the same theme in one place!

The theme for our first issue is "A Focus on Islamic Relationships". We have tried to gather as much apt information as we can on men-women dynamics, mostly pre-marriage, and concise information on marital relationships. This issue provides a great starting point for women to start thinking about what's to come in their near future.

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"My first reaction when I opened the magazine was: "Wow!". The layout is beautiful and elegant and the content remarkable. At first I was taken back by the fact that the topics seemed so: "Girly" But I was brought back to reality when I read: "For sisters by sisters" and realized that I wasn't their target anyways, and that made me extremely happy because I am a big fan of sisters taking initiative and doing their own projects. All in all I really enjoyed the magazine and I pray that Allah blesses this magazine with guidance, far reach, acceptance, and the ability to move to hearts and minds towards righteous actions. Ameen." - Navaid Aziz, http://www.facebook.com/NavaidAziz

"On first glance, the magazine's aesthetics grabs you and the content is sure to keep you! I can't say that I'm suprised - Kanika is the quality of a Muslim woman who keeps looking for ways to make a difference in the lives of others and her work ethic is such an inspiration - mashaAllah! HH magazine is a lifestyle publication that incorporates that which is good and useful and I look forward to greatly benefitting!" - Heba Elsherief, www.iamsheba.com

GET YOUR COPY NOW!!! - http://bit.ly/2012_issue1

Issue 1: A Focus on Islamic Relationships
36 pages, published 28 FEB 2012
Habibi Halaqas' first magazine issue focuses on marital relationships and the journey from pre-marriage to marriage of a man and a woman from an Islamic point of view. Issue includes articles such as 10 Ways to Avoid Mr. Wrong, Are You Marriage Material - Knowing When You are Ready?, Marriage Advice By Sisters-For Sisters and MORE! Dont miss out!!!


As salaamu alaykum,

Muslim Women: Movers and Shakers!

You set the pace and others follow.

Kanika, keep up the good works. MaashaAllaah TabarakaAllaah.

Barakah Allaahu Feekum.

MashaAllah! Beautifully designed magazine! May Allah (swt) bless this project to benefit every Muslimah. Jazakum Allah Khair for all your work =)

I am very Inspired by the manner ALLAH has Blessed HH. If there is a lesson to take from HH's story  for me it would be: Have a good intention to begin with and work hard at it. ALLAH will do the rest..Congratulation to ALL the team!Masha ALLAh Tabarakallah!

The magazine cover is tempting! Very well-designed!

Salam alaykum,
Here's looking at another quality publication for Muslim women!

Salam alaykum,
Here's looking at another quality publication for Muslim women!

The cover of the magazine is beautiful.  Can't wait to read.

The issues covered in the magazine look very interesting; I hope to read at least one issue some day!

Masha'allah! Another great achievement to add to HH's kitty. May it keep reaching greater heights enshallah !

Masha Allah, beautiful to have Habibi halaqah's inspiring articles in magazine form. Looking forward to reding it :)

MashAllah ! GOOO Habibi Halaqa team !! WOOO HOO !
 I have always enjoyed the emails and webinars from HH immensely. I hope you guys succeed in your goal of spreading the beautiful teachings of Islam to muslimas one magazine at a time  inshaAllah =)

Masha'allah. This is amazing. I have never seen a magazine look so elegant. And I love the purpose of the magazine! Especially when I'm on that journey (currently engaged) and will be getting married soon, in July 2012. I'm so looking forward to reading this. :) 

Alhumulillah, we have such magazines out there. I have been a subscriber to the weekly casts and the topics are always on relevant things. Things that affect our community (Muslim an Non-Muslim) and how it inevitably affects us. These email reminders are refreshing and a great way to start the day on the right foot. Its hard to be able to reach out to people when they have such busy lives or only use the internet for pleasure an not combine it with seeking knowledge.  That is why having HH's webinars an emails is a great way to make sure the internet is used to the best of our abilities. Jazakallahukhayr HH for allowing us to still keep in touch with our deen, an with no excuses!

Assalam Alaikum, Alhumdulilah, that such an informative magazine has been established for muslim women. I recently performed my shahadah,
and have been seeking to find guidance for muslim women. I find your
magazine will enlighten my growth in to becomeing a better muslim. I'm  
so happy with my Faith and strengthening my deen. Your efforts and your
hard work in putting this together has made me very happy. I believe
it will be beneficial to all the Sister's. Insha Allah it will grow in to a wide
spread information for all us who seek guidance in our Faith of Islam.
                                                      Walaikum salam wr wb,
                                                          Sister Fatima

p.s. Is there an address to mail order from?
      I haven't the means to pay online.

Masha'a Allah Tabarak Allah! Have benefited in being a good human, a better muslima from this blog, may Allah reward everyone involved, and keep us all on Sirat-Al-Mustaqeem, ameen.

Assalamalaykum!! You're the winner of our MAGAZINE GIVEAWAY!! Please send me your email address so I can forward you a copy! Jazzak Allah khair!!!

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