Nov 28, 2011

To Life or To Death

by Sister Sunshine Smiles

“Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rajioon”

Indeed we belong to Allah(SWT), and indeed to him is our return.

The intensity that this statement offers does not pertain to death alone but different perceptions of loss and intellect that blows my novice mind to amazedness.

A few years back, this phrase came into my existing Dua’ dictionary when my Father introduced me to it as I was unaware on how to react on the news of somebody’s sad demise.

That one unforgettable morning which started with these words on my lips even before the break of dawn, forced my mind to shut down emotionally for the rest of the day.

It is unimaginable how Allah(SWT) finds the perfect reminders to soften our hearts from the deep barriers of hardness that develop around it in the conscious attempt of living up to the ever competing world.

This isn’t another article reminding you that death is inevitable and all that. This one’s about life, creatively wrapped in ribbons of genuineness symmetrically bowed in what we love to call ‘Love’, of which death does hold some significance.

Love, that was initially focused on our parents when we were 4 years old eventually got distributed to, say a few relatives, cousins and friends when we turned 10 and even more friends and relatives as we turned 18. And when we get married, oh the list increases manifold. Starting from love for the husband to your new family and relatives and who not. Not to forget, soon after the babies that come who gobble up love in means of measures that only start with truck loads and can extend to something as indefinable as a whole country’s population.

Note: I don’t mean to sound so insensitive with the above portrayal, we women just love to ‘Love’. We are born with instincts of love. Love that beams from our hearts in kaleidoscopic patterns and decorates the world in oodles of blended colors warming the heart like no other. Love, that starts off as a whole at birth, in course of life, eventually gets diffused and disseminated to multitudes of fractions in diverse amounts.

And in this engrossed life of loving and living, just when everything seems smooth and settled in, comes a random time when a fraction of the ‘whole of love’ is taken away. Just like that! Sometimes with the grace and ability of our own mistakes and naiveness and sometimes with reasons utterly unknown to us. And when that happens it leaves a sense of silent pain and emptiness in our hearts that our intuition is to flinch from the reality that just bit us. Maybe run away from it coz’ yeah sure, that’s easy right! We would probably wish we had multiple choice options to the unknown question life introduces to us so we can randomly pick an answer desperately hoping for it to be the right one. But all we are left with is the reality to face it, to deal with it and make peace with it.

When we lose somebody very close to us it leaves behind a void in our hearts. A void that begins to eat us slowly, like REAL slowly. For some, time may begin to stand still and for others, time may begin to walk tortoise steps but no matter how analogous time may get, the certainty of life moving on finds its way to kick you on your butt and push you forward, whether you want to or not.

Undoubtedly, Allah(SWT) has defined a way of life for us. Life and death, Loss and gain. Yet when we make new friends, we barely thank him but when we lose them we grieve and complain…Astaghfirullah! Where is the justice in that?

Indeed, it is Allah(SWT) who introduces people in our life according to His will and it is He who takes them away.

And Allah quotes in The Noble Quran that every soul shall be tested with trials and tribulations but no soul shall be burdened more than they have the capacity to deal with thereof.

“And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient.” - The Noble Quran Translation by Sahih International [2:155]
"But those who believed and did righteous deeds - We charge no soul except [within] its capacity. Those are the companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally.” - The Noble Quran Translation by Sahih International [7:42]
Note how in the aforementioned quotes, Allah(SWT) has advised us to bear our trials with patience! And Allah’s is the supreme guidance!

May He forgive us for our graveness when we question him on our struggles and complain incessantly in our difficult times unknowingly!

May we always remember that when the storms of trials are being tested on us, clear skies are never far behind. May we be ever patient to bear them and InshaAllah may we see the sun shine brighter on our side of the fence!

But most importantly, May we make Dua for all the people, who we lose unwillingly or unknowingly, to Life or to Death!

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Subhanallah sister! In love with this article! Jazakallahu Khair .. for the beautiful reminder! <3

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