Nov 15, 2011

POEM: I Miss You Mom

I Miss You Mom
by Suha Cassim

I should have spent the last 5 years
suing medi-calls
instead I dived
into the great barrier reef and
rode a cable car
over the mountain tops;
I locked my heart
shut my mind
and glided
the ice bergs of Alaska..
took a chopper to the Glaciers
and my heart
froze in time...
I escaped
to Big Ben
to stare
into the laughing eyes
of beautiful
a crack appeared..
wide eyed
I ran
to the mine fields
called Guinea
when I heard
Gently inviting
to his House.
In wonder
I followed..
the Black Stone
blew the ice,
to smithereens,
the tears
at arafa
washed me
My head
on the white carpet -
I was healed..
allowed myself
a little peek
through the veil
and saw a brand new world...
May Allah swt grant you Mummy, Jannthul Firdouse, Ameen



Beautiful... brought a tear to my eyes... Mums! No amounts of eulogies combined could be enough to encapsulate what they are to their children... Alhumdulillah!

Jazakallah for your duas :) .saw this comment only now or this poem on this site.. 

It's a really sincere poem and it flows...but I am wondering what suing medi-calls means. Thank you beautiful poem

salaams Samirrae.. Jazakallah for the appreciation.. 'Medicalls' was a mobile medical unit. Mum had an allergy and her throat swelled up (she had no other sickness) ..They came at 10 30 am that friday without a pressure gauge which was vital for mum and they had to return to get it, losing time and then according to the many doctors in my family they should have immediately taken her to the hospital in an ambulance , or nebulised her or done a tracheotomy  - none of which was done in fact they gave her an antihistamin injection..but she passed on a few hours later , exactly at Jummmah time on friday Alhamdulilah in my arms - but I did not realize she had gone..May Allah grant her jannathul Firdouse aameen.

Walaikum Salaam, SubhanAllah I understand. May Allah grant your mom Jannaht al Firdous.   Ameen

love your poem...i too lost my mother three months back fighting from cancer...only moments of her sickness lingers with me every second, and it hurts to think about....May Allah give her the Highest Place in Jannat ul Firdaus

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