Nov 14, 2011

5 Benefits Of Taking Care Of Our Emaan

At the root of our actions and thoughts, is our Iman. What we do, who we are and how life is going for us has a deep connection with the level of our Iman. Other than La Ilaha Illallah, how much do we nourish our Iman?

5 Reasons Why We Should Take Care Of Our Iman (although there are many more):

1. It brings us closer to achieving Jannah. We all want Jannah for ourselves and for others, because it is Allah SWT’s greatest gift to those whom He is pleased with, InshaAllah.

2. It is a means of escape from our problems. Who here doesn’t have challenges in their lives. We are always looking for a way out, and InshaAllah this is the best way.

3. It is a way to attain Allah SWT’s protection. There isn’t a moment in our lives, however great or small, that we don’t need Allah SWT’s protection and blessings over us. This we can never have enough of.

4. It allows us to enter into the strong holds of Brotherhood and Sisterhood. It is these bonds that make us special, make us powerful, InshaAllah. Who else can claim such close ties save those who have Iman?

5. It permits more goodness into our lives. Of course we want the best of the Akhira, but we also want and ask Allah SWT for the goodness in this world. In addition to making Du’a, increasing our Iman is a great way to kindle such goodness.

Can you think of more? Post them below!


It brings happiness and a sense of peace into our lives!

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