Oct 4, 2011

A Simple Reminder on Blessings, Patience, Zuhd & Accountability

Ask yourself this:

If you were to wake up tomorrow, with only the blessings you truly thanked Allah SWT for, how much would you have left?


Now check this out:

It is reported that Hafsah – Allâh be pleased with her – once said to her father (‘Umar, during his Caliphate):

"Allâh has increased the provisions; if only you would eat better food than the food you eat now and wear softer clothes then those you wear now?!"

He said, “I will argue [against] you with your own self: Was not the condition of Allâh’s Messenger – praise and peace be upon him – such-and-such [when you were his wife]!?”

He kept reminding her until she cried.

He continued,
“I have told you, by Allâh, I will share in their hard living (in this world, referring to The Prophet and Abû Bakr) so that I may partake in their good life (in Paradise).”

Hunâd b. Al-Sarî, Al-Zuhd article 687; Imâm Ahmad, Al-Zuhd article 201, et al. (1)
(1) Shaykh Abd Al-Rahmân Al-Farîwâ`î explains in his edition of Hunâd’s Al-Zuhd that this narration issahîh if it is confirmed that Mus‘ab b. Sa’d heard it from Hafsah; otherwise its chain of transmission is mursal sahîh (i.e. it is authentic except there is a missing link between Mus’ab and Hafsah)

They were patient with what they had and used of it as much was enough to get them by. We are not only impatient with what we have and never content with it...we are impatient with what we do not have...because we want more than what Allah SWT has given us!

If we get everything in this world, would we be eligible to get everything in Akhira?

Not to forget that we'll be accountable for every blessing we get and whether we used it correctly and didn't waste it away or use it for sinning.

Worth thinking about, isn't it?

And Allah SWT knows best.


Worth thinking about indeed... Sometimes it's hard knowing what is "enough" in this consumerist world we live in... We are so far from the best examples :-((((

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