Sep 2, 2011

SPECIAL Invitation to Post Ramadan Program with Muhammad Alshareef


We all witness our energy and productivity go down drastically after Ramadan. How can we keep up our momentum? --->

This is a SPECIAL invitation for YOU to Post Ramadan program with Shaykh Muhammad Alshareef (read details below). 

I have been a part of this program for past 2 years and once again I will be enrolling in it this year, inshaAllah! Below is my personal testimonial for this program:

"Assalamalaikum Shaykh ... I wish to say Jazzak Allah khair to you for this program...The program was so beneficial its hard to describe in words...its like a veil of negativity was lifted from my eyes and I can think more clearly and see things in a more positive light. Its time to BRING IT ! Jazzak Allah khair" - Kanika, Chicago

Program Details:

What: Bring It! 3.0 - An All-Out Post-Ramadan No-Nonsense 10 day "Get it Done" Boot Camp
When: Starts Sept 12 (see below)
Why: Because this is one of most crucial times to move forward with your life.


  • Same content is conducted twice LIVE each day from 4pm-6pm NY time and 10pm-12am NY time
  • You don’t have to travel anywhere, because the entire program is conducted online
  • Each day’s audio, powerpoint, and resources will be provided to you so that you can keep it forever and relive the experience every Ramadan, any time you want.

10 day program divided over the whole Ramadan Year. Check out the dates:

Post–Ramadan 2011: (6 Days)
September 12 – 14 2011 Monday to Wednesday
September 19 – 21 2011 Monday to Wednesday

The New Year: (2 Days)
February 28 – 29 2012 Tuesday & Wednesday

Pre–Ramadan 2012: (2 Days)
July 3 – 4 2012 Tuesday & Wednesday


If you have ANY questions regarding the program, please feel free to email me at! I really hope to see you in the program, inshaAllah :)


Kanika Aggarwal


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