Aug 12, 2011

The Fragrance Of Ramadan

by Seema Muhammad Belushi

So what can revive the stricken heart?
Allah set a month apart.
A time of healing, a time of hope.
A time when everyone can grasp a lifeline boat.
Drifting to Allah's mercy, escaping to the plains of tranquility...wherein lies a night...better than a thousand nights.
Containing beauty and power concealed from sight.
A time to walk through a new door and emerge with vows of "no more"

(Miriam Islam)

Even during the days of my “jahilliyah” (when I knew nothing about Quran or Hadith) Ramadan for me was a very special month for many reasons… It was a time spent together with the whole family…a time of special Ibadah for everyone…for me it’s always been the best time of the year.

There was always a sweet fragrance felt everywhere around which brought with it a feeling of peace, a sentiment which was felt only during Ramadan…I often wondered what was it about Ramadan that made it so special? Was it the fasting long hours? Was it the delicious food? Was it the time spent in and out of the Masjid or was it the recitation of the Qura’n in a beautiful voice of the Imam of the Masjid…? It’s Ramadan! It is a month of fasting, prayer and good deeds and is intended to teach patience, humility and spirituality.

Ramadan, the field of cultivation for the servant has come,
To purify the hearts from corruption and vices.
Therefore, adhere to it’s rights, in word and deed,
And take it as your provision for the final return (Hereafter).
For whoever plants seeds and fails to water them,
Will wail with regret on the day of harvest.

(Taken from Ibn Rajib al-Hanbali’s book: Lataaif al-Ma’arif)

It’s an opportunity given to everyone to reform altogether within (human body, mind and soul) from bad to good and from the good to the best! Is all this possible in just one month? Alhamdullila yes, we have been given the power to change ourselves only if we want to be changed, for this is the month when the doors of heavens are open and the doors of hell are closed. Allah sends down the angels to the earth to help protect and see the good deeds that Allah's subjects are into during the holy month.

Allah says in the Qura’an Chapter 2, Verse 183: "O You who believe Fasting has been prescribed upon you as it was prescribed upon those before you, so that ye may learn self restraint".

These days to Allah you must also dedicate
then disbelief and ignorance your will hate
The Quran and Sunnah will be your guide
Only then faith in your heart will reside.

Beginning this Ramadan lets make amends
Study and practice until our life ends
Everything but our deeds we leave behind
this is the truth to which we were blind

Our cars, wealth and house on earth will stay
our actions are the companions on that day
when your breath expires so does hope
so hold on firmly to Allah's rope

There is great wisdom in this rhyme
Its dedicated to me before its my time
for these changes my soul does yearn
this Ramadan in sha Allah its my turn

(Zahid bin Ghulam)

Prophet Mohammed (SAW) said that Allah (subhanu wa Ta'ala) said"All the deeds of man are for himself, except for fasting. Which is for Me. and I shall reward it Myself”. AL BUKHAARI, AL FATH no: 1904

May Allah give us the strength and Patience to fast during the whole month of Ramadan, Accept all our fasts, give us the opportunity to worship in the night of Qadr, and accept all our dua. Help us to continue, with all the good deeds in this month and beyond…AMEEN

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