Jul 24, 2011

Ramadan Poem: 8 Days Away

8 Days Away
by Shireen Baig

O my dearly beloved month, you are 8 days away,
I can never depend on myself to make the most of you
The time when every soul rushes to pray..
Without my Creator's help, my wish can never turn true.

When the houses are filled with the recitation of the Quran,
11 months of so-called busy life, comes to peace at Ramadan
When the sunnah's are more beloved than any other time,
After all, we are blessed with the rewards from the Divine

You are the time that we need in our sinful lives,
When every soul competes for good deeds and strives
To seek the pleasure of Him, The Rahman, The Haleem,
Whose mercy encompasses everything that we've ever seen

How sad is it, that you do not receive a proper welcome
At your departure, with the night prayer's we are done
We hardly witness them after the last night,
It rarely gets mentioned till the next ramadan's sight..

We start the preparations for weddings much before the actual day,
But with your preparation, we take it all easy-breezy, like its okay.
Iftar parties, heavy food and shopping for the eid,
Last days, there's a decline in every good deed.

May We be blessed from our Creator, to realize your value,
May there be barakah in the way that we spend you..
May we not be of those who sleep throughout your days,
Who spend your nights in many different non-religious ways.

May we take the effort to understand the word of God,
May we not be of those who during prayer begin to yawn
May we read, recite, try to understand Quran a Lot
May we sincerely remember our Lord during dusk and dawn..


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