Jul 31, 2011

POEM: Finally

By Amal Milaa Filza

On my own, nowhere to go,
Lost in this world,
But I know you are here.
When will I find you, my dear?
Only you can ease my pain.
Make this hurt disappear.
So many sleepless nights,
Imprisoned by Shaytaan, But I wont give up this fight.
It’s you for who I long.
I’m waiting for the strength to carry on.
There is nothing in this Dunya that can replace your love.
It’s been so many months,
But now I can feel it.
The end is near sight.
Behind the blackness I can finally see the light.
Bright up my view.
Make me feel brand new.
Blow away my fears.
Ramadan is finally here.


Asalamu alykum wA wb,

Sooooo beautifully written mashaAllah! SO beautiful! Jazaki Allah Khair!!!!!

Walaykum asalam wA wb

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