Jul 14, 2011

Poem: Excerpts Of An Oppressed Heart

Excerpts Of An Oppressed Heart
By Sumaiyya Inayat

How soon was I plunged
From the grandeur of victory
Into the dungeons of defeat.
The trail of Ayubis and Qasims
Have long been swept away
By an impervious ummah.
The glorious regime of the desert
Faded like a dream.
And now the savage hounds
Lurk in dark shadows,
Their glaring eyes fixed upon my tribe,
Their jagged teeth await the flesh of my sons;
They sate their immortal hate
Drinking upon my blood
Drop by drop.
The sanctity of my harem lost,
The innocence of my children forever gone.
My screams still do not flutter hearts
My words do not move souls
My beseeching pleas always unheard,
The voices of my clan suppressed
And yet I endure it all
With a deep dauntless faith
For faith is all that I have left.
With stains of unwiped tears,
Admits the souvenirs of
Bullets, shrapnels and uzis,
Admits the wailing of my babies,
I turn towards the sky
And with raised hands
I pray the tables would one day turn,
And my revenge be sought.
I pray for the dawn
Whose rising sun would restore
My lands, my glory, my pride.


Now that, is  a poem, marsh'Allah!

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