Jul 28, 2011

POEM: The Blessed Month

The Blessed Month
by Sonika Dhingra

The blessed month is coming up again
Happy times are going to be here again

Shaitaan will be trapped once again
Rewards will be multiplied by 70 again :-)

Yes one year is almost about to pass
So how many good deeds did you amass ?

You did great with all the changes you made
With every prostration you raised in grade

You met new people, learnt new things
Increased love by passing the greetings

And all the hard times you went through
With much patience closer to Allah you grew

But never despair, this cycle will always go on
Even the darkest of night will see a dawn

But if you want the happiness to last forever
Guard your prayers and be among the clever

Let Qur'an be your guide, Allah be your only wali
Love for Allah and hate for Allah, make dhikr daily

So gear up, recharge the batteries of your iman again
Get ready to gain maximum blessings again

A great time to earn endless rewards is coming up again
Ramadan, the blessed month is coming up again :-)


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