Jul 16, 2011

A Glimpse Of Qiyama

A Glimpse Of Qiyama
By Seema Muhammad Belushi

We all witnessed the devastation that took place in Japan few weeks ago. How the merciless waves just shattered everything coming between its way and in 45 minutes the whole place was left lifeless! As I watched the footage from the TV the only thought which came to my mind at the time was “Is this a live broadcast of what's going to happen when the actual day of Qiyama (judgment day) finally arrives?” Just imagine yourself and the huge waves! What lesson we as Muslims should learn from this? Is Qiyama finally here? As it’s mentioned from the authentic sources that it’s going to be on a Friday and so was this disaster which came on the same day!

Regrettably for some people this calamity was nothing but just another thing to gossip about for days and then just forget about it. Its human nature that even though we as Muslims know everything about the day when everything ultimately comes to an end…but just as this tragedy took place in Japan and not in our Country we think as long its not us but someone else its ok…some one had even forwarded a mail saying that because Japan was the first country to ban the Hijab so this is why Allah had sent this punishment to them…and others said similar things as if justifying this tragedy that the people of Japan deserved this, completely forgetting about this reminder: When the earth will be shaken to her utmost convulsion Qur’an 99:1 which does not specifically mention that this warning is for Japan or US but its given in the holy book for all the believers who do believe in Allah and His Messengers.

Did the Japanese people know this will happen to them just a day before? So how can we be sure that in the next second that something similar won’t happen to us just because we are believers and they were not! Is this how a believer reacts encountering such a big tragedy? Never! A believer ponders over the events unfolding around him/her and uses them to get closer to Allah. Whatever misfortune happens to you is because of the things your hands have wrought and for many (of them) He grants forgiveness. (Al Qur’an 42:30)

As we go on with our daily life...we are coming closer to the day which Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala has promised us in the Qur'an. Even though we “believe” in the Day of Judgment, yet it seems to be a wistful sort of event which is to come in a far away future.

But that day will definitely come when we, on that Day man will ask: “Is there any way to escape?” No! There will be no refuge. (Al Qur'an 75:11)

When you open the book of Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala you will come across that we have been warned of punishments in almost all the verses of this book which says nothing but the truth. So how can a person who knows that this world is nothing but a vanishing delusion not feel the fear of that horrendous day? When the sight shall be dazed... Qur'an 75:7 On that Day man will ask: “Is there any way to escape?” Nay! There will be no refuge. Qur'an 75:10-11 No affliction great or small afflicts a man but for a sin, but there are more which Allah forgives. (Tirmidhi)

How sad is the moment of exodus… think of the pain of any separation and then multiply it with perpetuity… that will be the intensity of saying farewell to this world forever.

May Allah save us from all fake illusion and open our eyes to the reality. May He increase us in our faith and guide us to the ultimate success…ameen


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