Jun 9, 2011

POEM: We Are With You, Aafia Siddiqui

by Lyricall Gal

This one is for Aafia Siddiqui
Where there is no one that can see
The pain that she is going through
Being beaten black and blue
A Muslim woman, a detainee
Who constantly hopes to be free
All alone in an unknown cell
No one knowing if she is well
She is a skilled Muslim doctor
Who could have easily cured ya
Instead she is face full of tears
Filled with sorrows and fears
Wrongly classed as a terrorist
Do they even know what that is?
Convicted for a crime she didn’t do
That could have been me or you
Same place lying in her shoes
The lights out on a fuse
In a complete dead end
In desperate need of a friend
A companion to stay by her side
Someone in who she could confide
But all we hear is her screams and cries
Whilst the media is blinding us with lies
No one can sympathize or understand
No one can go there to lend her a hand
You are confused not knowing any further
That could’ve been your sister, daughter, or mother
She is there without her family and children
Any mother would be craving for them
Thinking about what condition they would be in
Wondering if they would they be crying or sleeping?
Smiling or weeping?
The abuse that is taking place in the prison
She tries to be strong but it’s hurting within her
They made it impossible to live it’s so hard
Whilst she is in there being starved
Breaking down more and more each day
By listening to the all bullshit they say
But we know it is all lies and fake
Looking at you our hearts break
Our Muslim sister in such difficulty
Enduring the torture being in agony
I would love to hold your hand and walk you out
Wouldn’t care if the guards screamed or shout
I would love to reunite you with your family
To see you finally being let out, being free
Holding your little children who would‘ve grown
Seeing you feel so comfortable in your own home
If I can’t do that then why not be with you
Listen to your painful stories and cry too
Listen to everything that you have to say
I would want to be with you everyday
Anything to make my sister feel like someone is there
So she can open up and her sorrows she’d share
I’ll be that someone who is near
Watching her let go of her fear
And every time she would cry I’d hug her
I’ll be the armour needed to protect her
I’ll tell her she will be able to conquest this test
Just needs to stay unstressed and try her best
Many Muslim sisters are just the same

False claims saying they’re to blame

Whilst the sisters are there lying in pain

Getting raped and beat day in and day out

Struggling to speak let alone wanting to shout

My sisters you have been through a lot

I wish I could bring all this to a stop

We do du’a for you all the time

To save you from this awful crime

For your families to have patience

To try and tolerate your absence

Just remember Allah Subhaana Wa Ta'aala is with the patient

It’ll all be worth it on the day of judgement

All this pain and suffering will have its reward

Something unimaginable, something we can’t afford

InshaAllah you will be in Jannat al-Firdaws

InshaAllah one day soon it will be yours

Just have faith in Allah Subhaana Wa Ta'aala

And always remember He is never far

He is very close to you

And will help you get through

The place you don’t belong

Just remember it won’t take long

I know it is easy to say

But we are with you all the way

May Allah Subhaana Wa Ta'aala give you strength to go through this

We miss you loads; hugs and kisses.

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Weelllll writtennn!!Barakallahu Fiki! 

I have loads to say about this poem. Firstly, JazakAllah khayr to the writer and to HH for publishing this. I think this issue is overlooked a lot, and I myself wanted to write something on this, so I am glad someone else has done it, Alhamdulillah!

My second comment would be for the editors. I think the word "bullshit" (line-39) should be taken off.

Thirdly, I loved these lines in particular:
Many Muslim sisters are just the same

False claims saying they’re to blame

Whilst the sisters are there lying in pain

There is so much truth in that. I think most of the Muslims are scared. But I think if all of us unite to support such victims, then everyone would be a little less skeptical, insha'Allah. So, I urge everyone to check out the following and share with others insha'Allah:

1) This is the treatment that Islam prescribes for prisoners, Alhamdulillah: http://islamqa.com/en/ref/5157/

2) This is a great initiative for helping such victims: http://www.hhugs.org.uk/

3) http://www.cageprisoners.com/

The last two initiatives are supported by Yvonne Ridley, Lauren Booth, etc.

Jazak'Alalh khair for sharing after seeing this poem my tears start rolling down..May Allah swt give her strength.Ameen I just cant imagine our sister is suffering so much.May Allah swt give us a strength to fight again's this issues ameen

shew...what a beautiful poem.... i had taers rolling down my cheeks when i read it yesterday...cant bring myself to read it today...truly heartwrenching....

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