Jun 20, 2011

POEM: Thank you my Angel

Where do I start when writing a poem for an angel?
An angel so special, so sweet..
I have to tell you, I’m thankful to have a hero by my side, my halo, my light.
Always living in the dark but with you, all of a sudden there is more than just night.

Allah has sent you to me,
Blind at first, but now I see..
Together forever we will be.

I’m proud to have you in my life,
You inspire me to hope and dream.
Angel with a broken wing, I would be lost without you, a throne without a king..

Hamdoulillah there are still friends like you,
There isn’t a thing I wouldn’t do.
You are beautiful in every single way,
Doesn’t go a day by, without mentioning you in my pray.

You are sweet, honest & sincere,
An angel living on planet earth,
Someone I wish I was worth.
You always know what to say, one call could make my day.

You’re the only one, who can cheer me up when I cry,
Without you, I wouldn’t know how to survive.
I know I can be stubborn and a little bit naïve,
But it’s you, on who I can lean.

Together we will hang on,
From sunrise until dawn.
Months, years no matter how long.

A soul mate is what I have found,
and I love you for the sake of Allah without a doubt.

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