Jun 19, 2011

Makeup Basics 101: The Face – Blush

by Aisling Douglas

The purpose of blush is to make us look more youthful and to highlight the cheek bones.

There are two major types of blush – cream and powder –and a ton of colours. Although I’ve been wearing makeup since I was about 14, only recently have I started to actually wear blush. Now that I know how to apply it properly, it actually adds to the overall look instead of adding red clown cheeks (just think of the 80’s – the entire decade loved heavy blush).

Cream vs Powder Blush

Which one is better? Well in all honesty, it’s simply a matter of personal preference. Generally, powder blush is easier to apply for beginners. That isn’t to say that cream is difficult either.

Cream will give you a more ‘dewy’ look. Think of a look like Jennifer Lopez. It will also add a little more ‘shimmer’. A powder will give you a more matte look, but a powder with shimmer can give you the glitz you crave!

Application: Cream – Use foundation brush or a contouring brush and stipple the cream blush lightly on thi apples of your cheeks and blend backwards towards your hair. You don’t want a ‘stripe’ along your cheek, so be sure to blend. Start with a very small amount and build it up until you get the colour you desire.

Application: Powder – Take your favourite blush brush (there are many, just try out a few) and start on the apples of your cheeks and in a circular motion work your way backwards. Again, start off with a light amount and build up to the colour you would like. And as always, blend and blend, then blend some more!

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